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Egg Donation Process

How Egg Donation Works?


  • We receive eggs from the donor with her consent and some legal formalities. This process will take 12-14 days after menstruation/monthly period cycle.
  • Hormonal injections(FSH/HMG) is given to the egg donor from day 1 or 2 of menstruation to produce the healthy and maximum number of eggs. The egg donor is monitored through Ultra Sound for the growth of her eggs. And injections are stopped two days before the procedure when the egg sizes reach 17-18mm. Mature are retrieved under general anesthesia. This procedure takes almost 30 minutes and the donor is able to go home in 3-4 hour after pick up.
  • Whole egg pickup procedure takes almost half a day and donor will be free to do the normal activity from the next day of the egg retrieval procedure if she feels well and normal.