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What does surrogacy mean?

Surrogacy is a process where a woman carries a child of another woman. People go for surrogacy when there is certain risk involves to mothers health or due to certain issues it is not possible.

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What is the difference between Traditional and gestational surrogacy?

In Traditional surrogacy, surrogate use her own egg and intended father’s sperm are artificially inseminated to women. The surrogate mother carries the baby and delivers to the parents and she is considered the biological mother because it's her egg. Gestational surrogacy is that in which surrogate is not related to the child. In gestational surrogacy child is not biologically related to surrogate, instead, the embryo is created through IVF, using egg and sperms of the parents and then it is inseminated to surrogate

But gestational surrogacy is considered less legally complex and therefore used by various people because surrogate does not have any genetic connection to baby.

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How does a process of surrogacy begin?

Surrogacy process involves various phases and stages, it is a complicated process and therefore it is suggested to take proper guidance from experts. It begins with consultation; you learn about the program and also options, in case of any doubt you can clear your doubts from experts.

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What are the steps involved in surrogacy process?

  • Consultation: you will learn about the surrogacy program and in case of any doubt experts provide you full assistance to clear the same.
  • Before joining a surrogacy program contract is signed between the surrogate and intended parents.
  • Selection of surrogate mother: surrogate is a women age of 21 to 40. Parents want their child to be healthy and are concern about its physical appearance, so all these factors are always on top before selecting surrogate.
  • Medical assistance: Specialists will take the medical assessment of both the parties prior to engaging in IVF. This is done to check whether the surrogate is medically fit to give birth.
  • Legal agreement: a legal agreement is signed between parents and surrogates.
  • Medical process: the process of insemination is completed at IVF clinics under the proper guidance of fertilization specialist.
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How many eggs can be donated at once?

10-15 eggs are aspirated at the time of retrieval, but donors can also produce 16 or more eggs.

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What is egg donation process?

Egg donation is a process where women donate her egg to other women who cannot conceive. It is the process where healthy egg of a donor is implanted into a recipient and she can have a normal pregnancy. All the medical expenses of a donor involved in retrieving eggs are borne by the intended parents. Egg donors should be young, healthy and to be between 21 to 29 years.

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How can be a surrogate mother?

For becoming a surrogate mother, women should be healthy with no habits like smoking or history of any mental illness. Surrogates need to be between 21 to 40 years with a stable living standard. While selecting a surrogate mother, parents always looks various aspects one of most important is good physical appearance and after proper physical check up surrogate mother is selected.

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Where can we get affordable surrogacy?

One can get affordable surrogacy in Georgia as compared to other countries. Georgia is considered one of the best destinations for parents due to its low costs. The cost in Georgia varies between $24000 to $30 000 .

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Is surrogacy is safe in Georgia?

Yes, surrogacy is safe as a normal pregnancy and completely safe in Georgia. Many couples visit Georgia for surrogacy as it is considered medically and legally safe.

Georgia is 3rd safest country worldwide, says Numbeo

Georgia has been ranked the third safest country in the world by global database, the world’s largest database of user contributed data, surveyed 118 countries, and ranked South Korea, Singapore and Georgia as the top three safest nations.

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Which country is safe for surrogacy?

Georgia is a popular place for proper medical and laws of surrogacy. Many women participate to become a surrogate mother in Georgia and that is why Georgia is considered the safest place in term of medical and cost factors.

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