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Frozen eggs/embryos

Frozen Eggs/Frozen Embryos Shipment

The ARTbaby Egg Bank is proud to launch services to whole world to work with their clinic, offering both frozen eggs/banked eggs and Indented Parents matched frozen eggs option. We and donors, adhere to the country specific regulations for gamete donation. The ARTbaby Egg Bank has been successfully working with premier clinics worldwide since 2011, shipping frozen donor eggs and embryos across the countries. Both fresh and frozen donor eggs offer equivalent success rates with wide variety of donor’s database to choose from.

Frozen egg/embryos shipment is the latest emerging breakthrough in reproductive technology which is our ability to successfully freeze a donor’s egg. With this technology, clients have to option to choose fresh donor eggs or frozen donor eggs

We Ship to All Clinics!

The ARTbabyEgg Bank will co-ordinate with any IVF Clinic with which our clients choose for their IVF cycle.The ARTbaby Egg Bank has over 200 egg donors available for both fresh cycles and frozen cycles. The company has been recruiting and screening egg donors, cryopreserved oocytes and shipping worldwide since 2011.

Advantages of using frozen donor eggs!

  • Save Time. No waiting time with frozen donor eggs. Frozen donor eggs are available for your immediate use and saves lot of time in comparison to traditional donor IVF treatment.
  • Save Money. You saves money as frozen donors eggs are available at your clinic of choice without any co-ordination with the egg donors
  • Results similar to fresh donor cycle:  Worldwide it has be proven that the success with frozen eggs are comparable with the frozen egg cycle.
  • Certainty: In fresh donor egg there are chances of cancellation of your IVF cycle because chosen a donor fails screening tests, has a poor number of eggs or get some illness during stimulation or changes her mind to donate egg etc.All these uncertainty can cause you lots of stress, emotional trauma and financial loses too.

Our Associate IVF Team:

L. Chkonia

L. Chkonia (Embryologist), Founder and Director

T. Charkviani

T. Charkviani OBGYN, Reproductive Endocrinologist


Note: The shipment cost & legal formalities varies from county to country. For further details on cost & database for shipment of frozen embryos (with male partner’s sperm sample) & shipment of frozen donor eggs please do write to us at info [@] / info [@]