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What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the process of hiring other woman's womb to carry the pregnancy for the intended parents. Surrogacy is recommended to those who are unable to conceive naturally due to some medical reasons including multiple miscarriages, the absence of the womb or multiple failed IVF attempts etc. Surrogacy is also the only option to singles, Homosexual couples or Transgenders for parenting.

Surrogacy process

  • First we clear all legal and health issues between surrogate and biological parents after that we match the cycle of surrogate and biological mother/egg donor.
  • Surrogate mothers play a role to carry baby in her womb from embryo transfer to delivery. There is no genetic relation between baby and surrogate, baby carries genetic material of the intended parents or gamete donor.
  • It is the same as an IVF process difference is only that we transfer embryos in the surrogate uterus instead of the intended mother. Once the pregnancy is confirmed the surrogate is monitored on the regular basis by the clinic and dedicated coordinator.
  • Surrogate mother visit to hospital/clinic for a regular/routine checkup to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy. process2