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What is Surrogacy?

When a woman not able to carry pregnancy due to some issues, she need a helping hand those who help to her enjoying motherhood then she complete own family due to help her substitute. We used sperm and egg of biological parents in embryology lab to make embryo when a complete embryo ready we transfer in surrogate uterine cavity/uterus for being a baby.

Why we need surrogacy?

Every woman have to right of being a mother but some cases it is not possible in many region like born without uterus, fibroid in uterus, collapse uterus, damage uterus, polyp in uterus and had hysterectomy, its may occur in couple of time miscarriage and IVF failure. In these case doctors refer to surrogacy.

Surrogacy process

  • First we clear all legal and health issue between surrogate and biological parents after that match the cycle of surrogate and biological mother/egg donor.
  • Surrogate mothers play a role to carry baby in her womb from embryo transfer to delivery. There is no any relation with baby and surrogate, relation only with own biological parents.
  • Its same like an IVF process difference in this we transfer embryos in surrogate uterus. After this surrogate stay in surrogate home under our supervision we provide proper accommodation to her and all medical facility.
  • Surrogate went to hospital/clinic for regular/routine check up when required with our transportation. We give fully family environment to all surrogate mother because they feel happy during pregnancy.