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Motherhood is a feeling which all the ladies have but to become a mother you need to have a healthy egg. If the egg is not healthy then it is very difficult for women to become pregnant and carry baby.

Mother & Son

Adoption is an easy option of having a baby but carrying child in the womb and sharing a bonding during the nine months of tenure is just a different feeling altogether. Thus, today ladies are considering another reproductive option and it is Egg Donation. But are you aware of the requirements to become an egg donor?

  1. You must be between 21-30 years of age and must have sound health.
  2. If you have completed pregnancy term earlier then you can also be a donor.
  3. You must not take any kind of drug. Even smoking must be avoided. Usually urine toxicology test is performed to confirm if the person has used any kind of drug in the past.
  4. If you have completed five cycles of donation then you cannot continue it further.  This can not only be harmful for your health but also for the child.
  5. If you are a fist timer then you will need to fill up the donor application with all the required details. Anyone who is planning for the 2nd or 3rd round also needs to fill the profile form. This form should basically be filled each year.
  6. If you have completed the last donor cycle successfully then you can go for another round.
  7. Many patients look at the background and educational qualification of the patients. Thus it is important that the donor at least has a high school diploma degree.
  8. A complete blood test is done to screen the donor and to make sure that there is no past illness.  Blood samples are collected to check HIV antibody, Blood group, Complete blood count, ESR, Hepatitis, haemoglobin etc.
  9. You also need to get a signed consent letter from your husband/wife or parent stating that they are completely aware about the procedure and they have no issues of you being a donor. This is highly essential to avoid future misunderstanding and problems.
  10. The donor also needs to sign a consent letter and submit it along with the affidavit.

Once all these initial procedures are completed next starts the matching process to make the procedure smooth and safe.

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