How to Find a Sperm or an Egg Donor?

Creating a bond between Egg donor and the intended couple is a unique part of egg donation process. Egg donation is also known as a partnership created for a specific purpose that is to deliver a healthy and beautiful baby. In order to achieve that proper screening and medical testing is done by experts of surrogacy centers. Apart from screening a proper interview and screening is done by intended parents so that they can be assured about the egg donor.

Choosing an egg donor to take a lot of time but that time is worth if you get a healthy baby at the end. The attention given by intended parent in matching the qualities of egg donor also help them in build a strong relationship between egg donor and intended parents. A good environment based on trust and relationship will create a healthy atmosphere which will lead to no tension and healthy egg. The process of IVF with egg donor is a very complex process and if egg donors are given a healthy and emotionally stable environment they will be able to cope up with tough medication and screening. One of the successful ways is to build a good relationship between egg donor and intended parents are:

Share the experiences: Some of the egg donors or surrogates are experienced. So they can share their past experiences with intended parents and can also help them in various complications by sharing her previous story. Intended parents, on the other hand, can take a good care of her by sharing past experience and can also share their shopping for a baby in order to have fun and maintain a friendly relationship.

Communication: Communication and regular updates regarding the health should be taken by intended parents. Technology has also made it easy through Skype and video calling app etc. This application help intended parents to see the medical facilities and condition of egg donor on regular basis. Intended parents can also send various encouraging memes and cards to egg donors so that she does not feel low or alone.

Respect and care: In case of egg donation process, egg donor has control over her body and is responsible for health but good communication plays an important role and both of them should have a proper empathy towards each other. The egg donor should relate to the intended parents and must empathize towards them because this period is one of the most important periods of their life. Apart from that at the time egg donation, process egg donor undergoes with various medication and injection which leads body transformation as well in such cases intended parent should give equal respect to them. Egg donor has all right to live as per her lifestyles but a proper care and attention should be given not domination.

Legal assurance: In order to maintain a healthy relationship with the egg donor, it is important to give them assurance in term of legal form too. All the agreement regarding treatment and finances should be cleared up initially.

Egg donation is a selfless gift given to intended parents in the form of a healthy child. It gives an opportunity to a couple to start their family with help of a person who was once a stranger to them. It gives an opportunity to intended parents to build a beautiful and friendly relationship with egg donors or surrogates and they can also gain experience from their experiences too. No matter where they go after the delivery, there will always be a unique bond between the egg donor and the intended parents.

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