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Traveling donor Packages for Donor’s Cycle in Georgia/Ukraine

We also offer traveling donor packages. The details are as follows:

  • Caucasian Donor - 7, 200 USD
  • Asian Donor - 14, 000 USD
  • Indian Origin Donor - 14,000 USD
  • Black donor - 14,000 USD

Cost includes: - Screening, consultations, scans, stimulation drugs, compensation of Donor, traveling & stay cost with coordinator

IVF Packages

We offer a number of packages associated with IVF treatment. These include in India, Georgia & Ukraine IVF and ICSI Packages with donor eggs.

IVF Packages in Georgia/Ukraine

  • General IVF/ICSI Package with one cycle of IVF will cost$ 7200
  • IVF with Indian origin / Black/ Asian egg donor the package costs$ 17200
  • IVF with Caucasian donor the package is $ 14400

Surrogacy Packages (Georgia/Ukraine)

  • One IVF/ICSI cycle-7200USD
  • Our IVF surrogacy package for India/Georgia with one surrogate costs$ 37000
  • Surrogacy contract will be 29500 USD for two attempts( to be paid in four installments during 9 months of pregnancy) or guaranteed surrogacy package-only 25 % Down Payment(5 attempts)-45,000USD.

Note: Extra attempts will be with FET(Frozen embryo from previous cycle otherwise client has to undergo paid fresh IVF cycle)

  • IVF cycle-7200 USD (one time payment).
  • Caucasian egg donor-5200 USD if required.(one time payment)
  • The criteria is much simpler .Only thing is your country must allow surrogacy child/children back home and surrogacy is possible only for heterosexual couples married or in living relationship. Please find below the Georgian law on this:

 Affordable Surrogacy Financing options /Affordable IVF & Egg donation Package:

We at ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia offers affordable IVF practices with multiple payment options and financing options. We are very transparent during the whole process & there is no hidden cost.

For affordable surrogacy options ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia you can pay 25% of the surrogacy contract cost as down payment and balance in monthly interest free installments that too starts once surrogate gets pregnant.

We at ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia also flexible in payment terms on patient to patient basis and designed tailor made packages for individuals.

We also offer guaranteed surrogacy package wherein you need only 25% as down payment and balance payments starts only when surrogate gets pregnant. Guaranteed surrogacy package offers unlimited tries ( 5 times) till pregnancy with paid fresh IVF cycle or frozen embryos transfer.

Add on benefits with ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia:

1) Assistance in hotel booking.

2) Free airport pick up & drop.

3) Dedicated coordinator.

4) Complimentary city tour.

Any medicine / procedure /Test outside package if required will be extra

For more details on updated packages and payment terms and conditions please do write to us on:


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