Egg Donor Bank

ARTbaby offers closest matching services for Indented Parents to select their preferred Egg Donors anywhere in the World.


Donor Questionnaire

ARTbaby provides detailed donor questionnaire is provided to Intended Parent with physical characteristics, medical, & family history of a donor.


Donor Matching Process

ARTbaby ensures at every step to achieve the donor matching process hassle free & with comfort for both the Indented Parents and Donor.

ARTbaby Surrogacy

At ARTbaby Surrogacy a typical surrogate mother would be between the ages of 21-35 years old, having at least a child of her own. She should enjoy being pregnant & have a history of easy, normal & uncomplicated pregnancies. She should be a non-smoker & living in a non-smoking home. She should not have any history of criminal activity. She should not have any history of clinical mental illness and need to be living a responsible lifestyle.

Artbaby Egg Donor Bank is one of the largest databases of Caucasian / Asian / Indian / Black egg donors

pregnent-womenWe have expertise in providing an Egg Donor pool by recruiting highly qualified donors between the ages of 21 to 30 from different cultures and ethnic origins.

We offer one of the largest Egg Donor databases from all over the world. Our client relationship executives are trained to deal with clients from different cultures speaking different languages and work closely with our Indented Parents to find their ideal Egg Donors. We have expertise in donor matching with the intended parents so that the expected baby looks like within the family.

Frozen eggs / Frozen embryos

We only use egg donors :

  • Between the age of 21 to 30
  • Non-smoker
  • living a healthy lifestyle

All our registered donors are medically screened and psychologically tested. Following details of the egg donor is provided to the Intended Parent.

  • physical characteristics
  • Medical History.
  • Family history.

Since last several years, our Donors are flying all over the world with well experienced & trained coordinators. The whole process and cycle matching go very smoothly with ARTbaby.

We are an egg donor agency in Delhi, Tbilisi, Kenya and we provide Egg donation globally.