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Sperm Donation

Sperm preparation:

Sperm washing involves removing any mucus and non-motile sperm in the semen sample. Unwashed semen can only be used for ICI (Intra-Cervical Insemination)fertilization to prevent cramping or for IVF / ICSI processes.

It can be washed after or use in IUI procedures. A cryoprotective semen expander is added if sperm is to be placed in frozen storage. Liquid nitrogen and the sample are then frozen in a series of vials or straws.

Depending on the amount of a sample, 1-20 vials or straws will be divided into whether the ejaculated sample is washed and whether it is unwashed or ready for IVF use.

Following the sperm analysis of an independent donor, straws or vials can be prepared to contain different amounts of motile sperm after Melting.

A straw sperm count prepared for IVF use will be significantly less than the number of motile sperms in a straw prepared for, for example, ICI or IUI, and therefore more IVF straws per ejaculate can be prepared.

The male partner with the purpose of sperm donation is to provide pregnancy to women with infertility, or for the women who do not have a male partner.

Direct sexual contact between the parties should be avoided since donor sperms are artificially placed in the woman's womb.

Sperm donation preserves the sexual integrity of a recipient, but the woman can still utilize the reproductive capacity of a person to provide her with a pregnancy.

Donor sperm is prepared for use in Artificial fertilization is intrauterine fertilization (IUI) or Intra-Cervical Insemination (ICI). Less commonly, the donor is prepared for use in other assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF and sperm injection into the cytoplasm (ICSI).

Donor sperm can also be used, such as a surrogate (also known as a traditional surrogate mother which is not legal) arrangements by artificial fertilization or a surrogate embryo created by using a donor sperm together with a donor or 'woman engaged' egg, using donor sperm).

Reserve embryos from this process can be donated to other women or proxies. Donor sperm can also be used to produce embryos with a donated egg donated to a female who is not genetically related to the child that later generates it.

In a medical sense, a pregnancy with donor sperm is similar to the pregnancy attained from sexual intercourse, and the Intended mother will have all the legal rights over the child born.

Donors selection

Information about the donor

In Georgia, donor catalogs provide lists of sperm banks or basic information such as race origin, skin color, height, weight, the color of eyes, and blood group. Some of these catalogs are available via the Internet, while others are only ready for patients when they apply for treatment.

Some sperm banks can provide additional information about each donor for an additional fee, and others are provided with additional basic known information from donors when these children reach the age of eighteen.

Some clinics offer "special donors" whose sperm are used only to produce pregnancies for a recipient woman.

It is true that this is neither true nor feasible, nor is the information produced by sperm banks or true by the donors themselves.

Many sperm banks, however, will perform checks to verify the requested information, such as checking their donor's identity and contacting their doctor to verify their medical information.

Simply this information does not mean that it is inaccurate in any way, and a sperm bank goodwill will so be based on its semen sample success rate and the accuracy of information about the donor, which makes it available to the indented parents. Intended parents can trust their reputation.

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