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Zygote Intra-fallopian Transfer (ZIFT)

Zygote Intra-fallopian Transfer(ZIFT)

Define zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT) Zygote Intra-fallopian Transfer (ZIFT) is a clinical process conducted under assisted reproductive technology. In this process, fertilization is conducted outside the intended mother's reproductive system by fertilizing the retrieved eggs and collected sperm in a laboratory. Then, the fertilized eggs are transferred into the fallopian tube of the intended mother. […]

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Egg donation scope and medical factors

Egg Donation – Hope for Needy Woman for Child

A healthy lady has lots of egg that can be helpful for a needy woman who has some medical issues to produce egg. When a lady on their choice donates egg, they become the boon for intended mother who has some problem to use her egg due to some genetic issues, age factor, some medical […]

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gay father surrogacy baby orign: walking sunset

Children’s origins in a gay father surrogacy family

Relationships with surrogates and egg donors and parental disclosure for a gay father Gay men opt for surrogacy to build their families. In surrogacy, women carry the offspring for the intended parents who cannot bear their child may due to infertility or a single parent or homosexual (gay). The relatively low technological procedure involves in […]

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mother child relation egg donation

Bonding between mother and baby born through egg donation

The straightforward answer to the question mentioned in the title of this article is 'yes'. At the initial stage, mothers who have given birth to their child by opting for an egg donation option feels less confident. This provides a significant impact on both the mother-child response at the initial stage. The women who opt […]

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Frozen egg

Success rate of pregnancy by using frozen eggs

Frozen eggs have two different social aspects. One of which indicates it is an option to lengthening female fertility without worrying about ticking biological clock. On the other hand, people are really worried about their success rate. Egg freezing is an expensive procedure. Women want to know is it worth to pay money to freeze […]

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Egg e

Evaluation procedure involve in egg donation

A rigorous evaluation procedure is maintained in the egg donation process for both donors and recipients for a successful outcome. Screening tests for an egg donor Legally women under the age group between 21 years to 34 years are eligible for the egg donation process. An egg donor is enough mature to understand the whole […]

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Reasons to Choose a Surrogate for Pregnancy?

People have different thoughts and words to discuss the surrogacy process. But, ask those who don’t have a kid or they cannot enjoy parenthood due to any medical reason or any other. Surely, you will get the answer in a positive way for the importance of a surrogate mother. It is not limited to concerned […]

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Parent Child relationship: Social egg freezing

Parent-child relationship indicates the parental representations, which helps to analyze the future bonding between parent and child. The attachment of infants with their parents is necessary to feel them their security. Women are well aware of their reproductive limitation with increasing age. In Western countries, many women have chosen non-medical social egg freezing to avoid […]

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