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Breastfeeding in corona virus

Does COVID 19 transmit through breastfeeding

Does COVID 19 transmit through breastfeeding The details of the spreading of COVID 19 is still unknown. However, it has confirmed that the respiratory droplets produced from the infected person while coughing, sneezing, talking responsibly for a person to person transmission of this infection. This mode of transmission is quite similar to influenza or flu […]

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karyomapping ivf

What is karyomapping used in IVF procedure?

Overview Karyomapping is an advanced type of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) process used in the IVF process. PGD is usually recommended for couples who carry a defective gene, which leads to an inherited genetic disorder. The familiarity of a defective gene carrier may obtain either from already having a genetically disordered child or from family […]

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IVF result in women with recurrent multiple uterine fibroid

What is Uterine fibroid? Uterine fibroids are also known as leiomyomas, which is a type of uterine benign tumor. Prevalence of Uterine fibroid The incidence rate is approximately 77%. It has estimated that almost 27% of women's infertility is related to uterine fibroids with other reproductive physiological factors. However, uterine fibroids solely responsible for 2-3% […]

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Should I try again? If IVF cycle failed

The underlying causes of infertility are multiple and the current advanced technique followed in IVF (In-vitro fertilization) can successfully treat almost all causes of infertile conditions. However, the success rate of IVF is reasonable in most of the cases, which is approximately 30% with the live birth rate. This scope of success will cumulative with […]

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egg donation preparations

What are the preparations required for receiving egg donation?

Finding of any abnormality after testing all the necessary biomarkers require for normal conceiving, which cannot be rectified by available treatment measures, then an expert OB-GYN (obstetrician-gynecologist) can refer an infertile female for proceeding with donor egg and/or surrogacy to build their family. But before starting the clinical procedure, a certain time requires to complete […]

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pregnancy impact mother's brain

How does pregnancy impact mother’s brain?

Embryo implantation in the womb brings gradual changes in the female body along with mental health alterations like mood swings, fatigue, the feeling of vomiting. All these apparent changes not only indicates physical changes but also changes in the brain. During pregnancy woman's body acts as a host and accepts the huge adaptations require to […]

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healthy pregnancy weight

How to gain healthy pregnancy weight?

Health and fashion-conscious women are very much concerned about their body weight. But gaining weight is well accepted for every woman during pregnancy. But pregnancy should not be an excuse to eat junk food and put on unnecessary weight, which creates complications in pregnancy. Healthy weight gain during pregnancy not only help the optimal growth […]

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