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egg donation process: Flower Gift

Step by step EGG donation process

Egg donation is a systematic medical process conducted in egg donation center under the medical and legal supervision for completing the process efficiently and ethically. Application for egg donation Every egg donation center has its own application form, which may be available online or on the specific center. Applicant needs to fill up the form […]

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surrogacy in georgia: shoes ib

Advantages of conducting surrogacy in Georgia

International infertile couple or person who desire to be a single parent often prefer to visit Georgia for opting commercial surrogacy. Since the past decade, international fertility tourism has grown remarkably. Intended parents from different countries visit Georgia due to poor surrogacy facility, and infrastructure or commercial surrogacy banning. Georgia is considered as a great […]

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What are the medical tests performed before egg donation?

Egg donation is conducted under a team of medical professionals including medical doctor with a background of reproductive specialist, geneticists, genetic counselor, general physician, psychological counselor. Donor egg coordinators take the responsibility to coordinate with medical team and fix the date of medical tests according to the availability of the egg donor. Women who decide […]

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Easter Egg Pic: Donor Egg extraction and transfer

Methods and technologies for donor egg extraction and transfer

Egg extracted from fertile women for using it in assisted reproduction treatment to provide an opportunity to infertile women to conceive. Excess donated eggs can be also used for biological research purposes. But before perusing the egg extraction process, application and screening test require to conduct for the ethical purpose. Egg donor needs to apply […]

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Easter Eggs: How to Improve Eggs quality

How To Improve the Quality of Your Eggs?

Maintaining of egg quality with increasing of age is challenging due to the biological clock after 35 years of age decline it naturally. In 1975, only 5% of female got pregnant after 30 years of their age and currently, more than 26% of pregnancy occurs after 30 years of her age. Quality of egg is […]

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Baby in leaf, frozem embryo pic

Frozen embryos and embryo donation explained

Frozen embryo and embryo donation become a current trend to solve fertility issues. Embryos are the fertilized egg waiting for the possibility of life. There are lots of medical and environmental factors responsible for the barrier of the normal fertilization process. Couples who are facing this problem often opt In-vitro fertilization (IVF) or other assisted […]

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sperm preservation cost pic | Liquid nitrogen container

Sperm preservation and associated cost

Sperm can be preserved by cryopreservation or freezing of semen. Sperm banking provides the facility to preserve and store sperm for future use. The stored sperm in sperm banking can also use for sperm donation in the treatment of infertility.  Sperm baking agency conducted infection screening test for sperm donor before storing the donated sperm. […]

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