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What if egg donation doesn't work?

What if egg donation doesn’t work?

Introduction: Embarking on the path of egg donation can be a hopeful and exciting decision for individuals or couples struggling with infertility. However, like any fertility treatment, there are no guarantees of success. In this article, we will explore the emotional aspects of facing the possibility that egg donation may not yield the desired outcome. […]

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Egg donation and human psychology

Egg donation and human psychology

Introduction: Egg donation is a remarkable medical procedure that allows individuals or couples struggling with infertility to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. While the physical aspects of the process are well-documented, the psychological dimensions are equally significant and often overlooked. This article delves into the intricate interplay between egg donation and human psychology, shedding light […]

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Therapies for egg donation

Therapies for Egg Donation Success Rate 

There is no guarantee of success when using a donor egg for IVF, which is a delicate process with numerous steps. Particularly, it is impossible to predict whether a particular donor egg will successfully result in the birth of a healthy, live child at the conclusion of the procedure. But egg quality is the foremost […]

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Three parent ivf

Current status of three parent IVF? 

Three-parent IVF is the assisted reproductive technology in which the genetic material of one male and two females is used for generating human offspring. Mitochondrial manipulation technologies are specifically used in three-person in-vitro fertilization.   The three-parent IVF process aims to replace or reduce the DNA mutation effects in mitochondria to overcome infertility or prevent the […]

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documentation required in egg donation

Egg donation documentation

Egg donation is a short technique with a decent achievement rate. It includes a specialist separating an egg from painstakingly screened donors. The expense of a new egg donation goes from $35,000-$50,000. An egg donor will take the prescription to stop their feminine cycle and invigorate the ovaries. The methodology happens under sedation, sedation, or […]

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egg donation history

History of egg donation

In Australia, egg donation gave the first pregnancy results in 1983. In the same year, egg donation successfully transferred in the USA and resultant of that provided successful birth of a child on 3rd February 1984 in Southern California. In the initial days, many individuals had presumed that egg donation was the alternative to sperm […]

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Couple pic for to access egg donor profiles

How to access egg donor profiles?

The process of finding the right egg donor is very individual. Egg banks want to give you a sense of the individual personality of your egg donor in the egg donor profiles, even though many people place a high value on factors like height, eye and hair color, and IQ scores. When they find the […]

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Egg quality and fertility

Egg quality and fertility

Family planning success depends upon many physiological aspects of both partners. But we cannot deny, the role of the female partner is much more than male. A strong reproductive system of a woman is of utmost need to pursue gestation. But egg quality is the foremost important requirement to precede fertilization and the generation of […]

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Canned food and fertility

Canned foods are mostly processed foods. Processed foods are simply foods that have undergone some transformation from their original form. Food processing can range from grain milling through vegetable fermentation to more complex industrial methods used for increasing the shelf-life of the products. The following three most harmful to fertility are canned foods: Sweet drinks […]

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