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Traveling donor Packages for Donor’s Cycle in Georgia/Ukraine

We also offer traveling donor packages. The details are as follows:

  • Caucasian Donor - 7, 200 USD
  • Asian Donor - 14, 000 USD
  • Black donor - 14,000 USD

Cost includes: - Screening, consultations, scans, stimulation drugs, compensation of Donor, traveling & stay cost with a coordinator

IVF Packages

We offer a number of packages associated with IVF treatment. These include in India, Georgia & Ukraine IVF and ICSI Packages with donor eggs.

IVF Packages in Georgia/Ukraine

  • General IVF/ICSI Package with one cycle of IVF will cost$ 7200
  • IVF with  Asian/Black egg donor the package costs$ 17200
  • IVF with the Caucasian donor the package is $ 14400

Surrogacy Packages (Georgia/Ukraine)

  • One IVF/ICSI cycle-7200USD
  • Our IVF surrogacy package for India/Georgia with one surrogate costs$ 37000
  • Surrogacy contract will be 29500 USD for two attempts( to be paid in four installments during 9 months of pregnancy) or guaranteed surrogacy package-only 25 % Down Payment(5 attempts)-45,000USD.

Note: Extra attempts will be with FET(Frozen embryo from the previous cycle otherwise client has to undergo paid fresh IVF cycle)

  • IVF cycle-7200 USD (one-time payment).
  • Caucasian egg donor-5200 USD if required. (one-time payment)
  • The criteria are much simpler. Only thing is your country must allow surrogacy child/children back home and surrogacy is possible only for heterosexual couples married or in a live-in relationship. Please find below the Georgian law on this:

 Affordable Surrogacy Financing options /Affordable IVF & Egg donation Package:

We at ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia offers affordable IVF practices with multiple payment options and financing options. We are very transparent during the whole process & there is no hidden cost.

For affordable surrogacy options, ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia you can pay 25% of the surrogacy contract cost as down payment and balance in monthly interest-free installments that too starts once surrogate gets pregnant.

We at ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia also flexible in payment terms on a patient to patient basis and designed tailor-made packages for individuals.

We also offer guaranteed surrogacy package wherein you need only 25% as down payment and balance payments start only when surrogate gets pregnant. Guaranteed surrogacy package offers unlimited tries ( 5 times) till pregnancy with paid fresh IVF cycle or frozen embryos transfer.

Add on benefits with ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia:

1) Assistance in hotel booking.

2) Free airport pick up & drop.

3) Dedicated coordinator.

4) Complimentary city tour.

ARTbaby is best Known for:

Egg donors in Georgia

Egg donors in India

Although We provide donors of all ethnic origins(Asian/Caucasian/Black).

Packages disclaimer

Any medicine/procedure /Test outside package if required will be extra

For more details on the cost of surrogacy in Georgia and payment terms and conditions please do write to us at:


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