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Egg Donation

For the past 30 years, there are more than 200,000 birth happened through egg donation. This explains the gaining popularity of this assisted reproductive technology (ART).

There are many fertility clinics in the USA, 93% of who offers eggs to women of 40 years of age and more.

The in-vitro fertilization has a high success rate using donor eggs (49.4%–50%).

One of the primary reason for increased use of egg donation technology is because many women and couples are seeking delayed parenthood to pursue careers or education.

Few short-term risks associated with egg donation are short-term sub-fertility (5%–10%), ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) (0.38%), intra-abdominal bleeding, and ovarian torsion, however, there are rare serious complications (<1%).

Unlike the IVF process, the egg donor is not infertile which is socioeconomically and demographically distinct.

Therefore, it is inadequate to generalize from the gathered data within the IVF population to egg donors, focusing only on immediate measures of safety (e.g., risks of anesthesia, bleeding, infection).

The advent of research can only be possible through the gathering of sperms, eggs, and embryos, to improve fertility treatments like IVF.

There is a further requirement of eggs, sperm and embryos to evolve other research areas, such as serious genetic conditions.

The Egg donation process is done between two personalities 1st is Egg Donor and 2nd is RECIPIENT (intended mother or Surrogate mother)

In Egg Donation process a healthy woman donated her eggs to intended parents who are unable to have a child on their own due to lack of eggs or quality of eggs or due to some other medical conditions/issues(genetic issue, age factor, some medical issue (i.e. ovarian failure, previous IVF/ICSI failure, chemotherapy)) with the female partner.

Egg donation is also required in case of singles/Gays who are opting for surrogacy for parenting.

Egg Donor is a healthy woman who provides one or several (usually 10-15) eggs (ova, oocytes) for purposes of egg donation in order to help intended parents to have a child. The woman who receives the donor eggs is called recipient.

Why Egg Donation is Required?

Egg donation is required:

  • Where women are unable to get pregnant due to poor egg reservoir & poor egg quality.
  • Egg donation is a good option for a couple to rule out any genetic defect or X chromosomal associated disorder.
  • Egg donation IVF is recommended to elderly women who are poor responders to IVF treatment and had repeated failed IVF cycles. With young egg donor eggs, they have a very high chance of success.
  • In case of single male/gay couples, egg donation with surrogacy is the only option

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