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In the first trimester of pregnancy, genetic screening tests are conducted to access the genetic condition of the fetus and identify if any genetic disorder present. In between 10th to 13th week, genetic screening tests are performed to evaluate the mother's blood and ultrasound also conducted to check the genetic screening. In the second trimester also genetic screening tests can perform to recheck the condition of the fetus.

Evaluation of all these test reports obtained during genetic testing and familial medical history, the doctor can guess the possibility of odd genetic sequences, which can cause genetic disorders. Following are some benefits of genetic screening:

Information of genetic condition can be revealed before birth

Genetic screening helps to find out the risk of a genetic disorder of an unborn child. Parents may not have a significant genetic disorder, but either of a parent can be a carrier of a genetic disorder. This suppressed genetic disorder can pass to the next generation during the gestational period. The genetic disorder of unborn child may increase the susceptibility towards sickle cell anemia,  Down syndrome,  and cystic fibrosis.

Get the time for preparation

Genetic screening and identification of any genetic disorder give parents enough time to plan for dealing with the situation. This helps parents to take alternative decisions by consulting with a doctor. A family member also mentally prepare to welcome the offspring with their condition.

You have got an option to select the condition

In most cases, severe genetic disorders detected through early screening. Born with such disorder may associate with short lifespan or need medical assistance to continue their life.  Early detection of genetic disorder through genetic screening test gives parents to make a decision either they want to continue the pregnancy or can terminate it.


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