Benefits and drawbacks of Egg freezing

Egg freezing is fertility preservation for females who need to preserve their possibility to become a biological mother to their child due to their underlying medical conditions. But currently, many women voluntarily opt egg freezing option as they want to delay their motherhood because of their education completion, carrier growth, partner selection, or other personal or professional reasons.

vBenefits and drawbacks of Egg freezing

Benefits of egg freezing

The foremost benefit of egg freezing is the safe preservation of healthy and viable eggs for future use. The eggs are stored at that time when the quality of eggs is maximum. Therefore, egg freezing allows the client to start their family when they mentally prepare to become a mother and they will get the scope to use the best possible egg they can produce so that the chances of fertilization become higher and provide healthy pregnancy and outcome.

Vitrification is one of the advanced methods of egg freezing. In this process, the collected eggs are clinically examined to check their health quality. Separate the high-quality eggs and remove water from them to add cryoprotectant for storage purposes. The purpose of adding cryoprotectant is to reduce the scope of damaging preserved eggs due to ice crystals.

The eggs are frozen by instant reduction of temperature from 98.6 degrees to the storage temperature. This process little different from traditional methods where eggs are gradually cool and reach to freezing point. The advantage of instantaneous freezing significantly reduces the scope of damaging the eggs through ice crystals.

The frozen eggs are safely stored in the cryopreserve centers until the clint ready to use them. During the process of reserved, the eggs are thawed and then they are ready for fertilization.


Egg freezing has few drawbacks. The medication used to stimulate the ovaries to produce a maximum number of eggs can develop hyperstimulation syndrome in the patients. However, this is a common side effect in the traditional IVF process also.

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