Why Surrogacy, IVF, and egg donation processes are costly? 

Why ivf surrogacy costly

Surrogacy, IVF, and egg donation process are different assisted reproductive technologies to treat infertility. Both surrogacy and egg donation processes involve a third party. Therefore, these processes require some additional charges like compensation, screening charges, etc. However, the IVF process can be conducted without involving a third party if the physical condition of the intended parents supports conception through the medical process. But IVF is an integral part of the surrogacy and egg donation process. On the other hand, egg donors, sperm donors, or both may require conduction in IVF treatment.

The treatment success of the IVF process may not be possible at the first attempt. In such cases, a repeated attempt may advise as studies showed repetition of the cycle gives better chances to conceive.

Therefore, when a patient undergoes a combination of surrogacy, IVF, and egg donation, then the total cost of the medical process involves the expenditure of each process.

Therefore, each of these cases is customized depending upon the cause of infertility and the preference of treatment procedure. Apart from pre-screening and compensation charges, counseling is an important step for both intended parents, surrogates, and donor/s, which also require additional charges.

In surrogacy, apart from compensation, intended parents need to bear the medical and other caring expanses of the surrogate during the gestational period. Whereas, surrogacy and egg donation process require legal fees.

All these cost involvements along with medical insurance fees make surrogacy, IVF, and egg donation processes costly venture for the intended parents.

The following table explains the overall cost involvement in surrogacy

  Surrogacy agency charges which include egg donation service charges also if required.
  Screening of intended parents (Criminal history inquiry fees).
  Surrogacy compensation is based on the experience of the surrogate.
  Surrogacy expenses include criminal history inquiry, traveling charges, childcare expenses during medical screening, gestation, and delivery.
 Complete medical expenses including screening, embryo transfer, and follow-up visit and delivery.
 Insurance cost includes health, life, and cycle insurances.
  Psychological screening and monitoring.
Legal fees for the surrogate contract, court fees, parental establishments.





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