Therapies for Egg Donation Success Rate 

There is no guarantee of success when using a donor egg for IVF, which is a delicate process with numerous steps. Particularly, it is impossible to predict whether a particular donor egg will successfully result in the birth of a healthy, live child at the conclusion of the procedure. But egg quality is the foremost important requirement to proceed with fertilization and generation of a healthy embryo. Food habit has a direct impact on egg quality.

A proper diet plan with certain food inclusion in daily diet during trying to get pregnant through natural conception or IVF process evidentially improves egg quality. Recommended food is also helpful for an egg donor. It is necessary to mention that a balanced diet by selecting wholesome and 'rainbow' colored natural food items including multicolor fruits and vegetables to get adequate fiber along with other essential nutrients for smooth conceiving.

Certain macro and micronutrients like complex carbohydrates, fibers, monounsaturated fats, plant-based- protein, high-fat dairy, and folic acid, iron, and other essential vitamins and minerals boost fertility. However certain food habits like excessive caffeine intake, alcohol consumption, processed food items, sweetened soft drinks, and too much refined sugar eating habits have a negative implication on egg quality. Even energy drinks and certain medications are also restricted during family planning to avoid poor-quality egg production. Following are some traditional therapies that may increase egg donation success rate:


In acupuncture treatment, sterile and disposable needles are gently inserted at specific points of the surface of the body. It helps to stimulate blood circulation into the reproductive organs and maintain homeostasis of the endocrine system. Acupuncture is a great stress-relieving method and improves egg quality. Expert acupuncture professionals provide proper acupuncture treatment to maintain the flow of normal energy levels in the body and increase the possibility of conceiving.

Lifestyle and Diet

According to Chinese dietary therapy, Yin and Yang are two categorizations of foods. Warm foods are Yang foods, which can generate heat in the body, whereas cooling effects can be achieved by taking yin foods. Warm foods are highly recommended whereas raw foods, cold food items including frozen foods, ice creams, and antibiotics are strictly restricted in Kidney Yang deficiency. Warm foods are better for improving egg quality. The sugar-containing foods weaken kidney Yang by over-stimulating the sympathetic reflex action.

Natural Supplements

Some Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) substances are formulated as a natural supplement to preserve the reproductive health of the female. The following are the recommended products:

  • Women's' life power: This is a completely natural product that contains Ginseng (RenShen) and some other CHMs. This elevates the production of female reproductive hormones, improves egg quality, and boosts energy levels to enhance the possibility of conceiving.
  • Gui Pi Tang: This is another Chinese medicine product that contains a number of ingredients like SclerotiumPoriaeCocos, RhizomaAtractylodisMacrocephalae, and some more. This product replenishes the Heart and Spleen functioning by maintaining the energy level. It also resolves insomnia and stress condition.
  • Nuan Gong Yun Zi Tang: Dang Gui, Baishao, and some more Chinese Herbal ingredients of this formulation promote reproductive organ health, support lower abdominal cramping before and during menstruation, and favor natural conception.

Traditional Chinese medicine has become popular because of its holistic approach and personalized treatment plan to treat the underlying causes of infertility. Chinese Medicine not only helps to conceive but also to complete the whole gestational phase until the delivery of a healthy child. CHM along with acupuncture as well as lifestyle and dietary advice, when linked with the traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic principles provides a better improvement in egg quality and promotes fertility rather than choosing a single treatment modality

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