Mr Ravi Sharma Speaks About Egg Donation

Mr. Ravi Sharma is a young, self-motivated entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to people who are childless and would like to have a feeling of being a parent. Mr. Ravi Sharma speaks about egg donation and its process. Firstly when you hear the word you must be thinking what is egg donation? This is a kind of fertility treatment where a woman donates her healthy egg to an infertile patient who wants a child.

During the process, the egg that is received is fertilized using the sperm of the patient’s partner. If the situation is opposite and the patient has her own egg then a sperm donor is selected. In any which way the fertilized eggs are called embryos are implanted into the uterus of the patient.

About Egg Donation

There can be many reasons behind infertility of women. Many times healthy eggs are not generated in the ovary or maybe because of premature menopause. Since she can carry the child healthy eggs are taken from the donor so that the patient can enjoy the feeling of motherhood.

Now, you must be thinking can I become an egg donor? There are specific requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to qualify for egg donation.

Firstly and most importantly you must fall within the age group of 21-30. A person with any kind of past illness like HIV or cancer cannot qualify in the criteria of being a donor. You must not have any kind of addiction like smoking, alcohol or drugs and lastly, you cannot be a donor for more than 5 times.

Proper blood tests and other examinations are done to make sure that the donor has no health problems which can risk the life of the recipient and the child.

So how can we find the right donor, this must be the next question in your mind. The ART Banks will help you find the right donor. This they do through advertisements or they also contact the existing donors to refer them to other new potential donors.

The clinics/The ART Banks also have a lot of walk-in donors and if everything works fine then after the test you will quickly get the right donor to have a baby to complete your life’s loneliness.

The final question which most of you would like to know is what is the benefit if I become a donor? The donor is basically paid compensation.

The rate depends on what you demand and what the recipient party wishes to pay you but normally in the case of Indian donor the compensation is between 25,000- 1,25,000 INR whereas for international ranges between 2-6 thousand USD.

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