10 Steps Worth Considering While Exploring Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the process where another woman gives birth to a baby for the couples who wants a child, but due to some reason they can't give birth to their own one, the reason behind it may be anything such as absence of the womb in women, recurrent pregnancy loss etc.
new born baby holding finger of parent (Surrogacy)
Surrogacy may also be known by the host or gestational which involves the implantation of an embryo created by using a donated egg fertilised by an intended father. As we all know that there are many couples or individuals who are having hope to have a child but due to some medical complications they can't have their own, thus through the process of surrogacy they make and feel themselves happy that they can have a child in their life. The process of surrogacy is very simple to be followed, it contains 10 steps to be followed by the individual who wants to have a child through the help of surrogacy which are:
STEP 1:- The Individual or the Couple which are planning to have a child through surrogacy must take Initial consultancy and should meet the staff and should be familiar with the surroundings where they are planning to continue the process.
STEP 2:- While joining a surrogacy program an individual or couple should sign an agreement called an agreement of services.
STEP 3:- Here the egg donors are selected and their medical reports are checked by doctors, although in some cases many individual and couples bring their own donors and on the basis of reports the donor is selected.

STEP 4: - Egg donors are generally between 21-41 years old, after being selected they have to undergo a typical screening process.
STEP 5: - Both the parties’ i.e. Egg donor and the individual goes under medical screening.
STEP 6: - After this legal surrogate is allotted for the clarity from both the parties.
STEP 7: - Then the medical process a coordination team manages every step of the process of the egg donor.
STEP 8: - When the joy of pregnancy is achieved then the team remains as the primary support so as to prepare for the birth of the child.
STEP 9: - After this a legal representation is done through the side of the hospital.
STEP 10: - And prior to the birth once again this step is repeated for the confirmation from the hospital's side.

After seeing the process we all should be also aware of the pros and cons about the surrogacy, the advantages are that it is a wonderful option for intended parents to have a biological child and is a better option than that of adoption because the child you have will be of your own flesh and blood. The disadvantages are that the average cost of surrogacy would range very high and there are many more other processes involved with the process of surrogacy. But in spite of having the disadvantages peoples are making their own research so as to have the happiness of having the child in their life.

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