Sperm preservation and associated cost

Sperm can be preserved by cryopreservation or freezing of semen. Sperm banking provides the facility to preserve and store sperm for future use. The stored sperm in sperm banking can also use for sperm donation in the treatment of infertility.  Sperm baking agency conducted infection screening test for sperm donor before storing the donated sperm. Duration of six months is the usual time period for storing donated sperm.

sperm preservation cost img | snow ballWhat is sperm preservation?

In the first step of sperm preservation, semen is collected through masturbation. Generally, three specimens of sperm sample are collected for chemotherapy. The individual should maintain abstinence for 24 hours to 72 hours before and in between the time period of sample collection.  Sperm preservation is also applicable for individuals who have impaired sperm motility or a low number of sperms. Advancement of reproductive medical science developing some techniques to utilize these sperms in egg fertilization despite its limitations.

What is the eligibility for sperm preservation?

Male individuals after their puberty can able to preserve their sperm by using sperm banking facility. Masturbation is the usual procedure for collection of specimen. However, there are some medical techniques also available to collect the specimen if individual unable to do masturbation.

Why sperm preservation require?

Following are some conditions, which require sperm preservation:

  • Medical treatment which can diminish male fertility.
  • Individuals go for a vasectomy but want open an option for future fertility.
  • Individuals having deteriorated sperm quality with passing time.
  • Arm forced individuals who have a higher risk of injury or life risk.
  • Before performing transsexual hormonal or surgical treatment.

 Is Sperm preservation is safe?

There is no information found about any harm of patient after sperm using frozen sperm or children born by using frozen sperm. Therefore, sperm preservation is a safe procedure. Although all the preserved sperms are not viable during frozen state or thawing.

What is the success rate of sperm preservation?

The success rate of preserved sperm application infertility treatment is as same as fresh sperm utilization.

What is the sperm preservation period?

The usual duration for sperm preservation is 10 years, however, in certain circumstances, it can be stored up to 55 years.

What does sperm preservation cost?

An initial payment needs to pay at the time of sperm preservation. This initial fees usually include consultation with experts and lab processing fee, blood draw, first-year storage fee. After the first year, ongoing fee requires to pay every year for annual storage fee till the client want to store his sperm. However, the breakdown of payment varies depending upon the payment policy of sperm banking agency. The cost differs from country to country and even personalized policy of sperm banking agency.

The usually the sperm preservation cost varies from 1000 USD to 2000 USD for collection, testing and preserving (freezing).  The average ongoing charge for annual storage fee varies from 150 USD - 300 USD per year. Some sperm preserving agency can offer a special discount for a cancer patient or long-term preservation period.

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