Egg donor/Sperm donor options while trying to Conceive

The journey from infertility to conceiving is not the same for everyone. Every fertility treatment is personalized depending upon the individual cases. Designing the fertility treatment opting for an egg donor or sperm donor may not be the first option, but these are the best approach for open mind infertile couple who eager to build their family. Fertility clinic arranges to counsel before you opt for an egg donor or sperm donor. This counseling is required to solve all the emotional dilemma before initiate either of the treatment processes.

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Women with premature ovarian failure, weak ovarian reserve or genetically transmissible diseases are unable to provide healthy egg for embryo development. Similarly, male reproductive disorders can cause low sperm count, lack of sperms or poor quality sperm. Any of these reasons also cause inadequate sperm supply for a successful pregnancy.

Even sperm obtained from a male with the genetical disorder is not suitable for conceiving. Apart from these medical issues, nowadays, both gay and lesbians also have the desire to have their family. Opting egg donor and sperm donor are options to conceive a child.

In the egg donation process, egg donor age should be less than 35 with normal ovarian reserve and without fertility impairment. Egg donation unit of a fertility clinic also checks the medical history, lifestyle details and family history of the donor. Egg donor needs to go for thorough medical screening before donating their eggs. The egg donor may be anonymous or nonanonymous, but screening test is necessary for ensuring a safe pregnancy. In the case of using a donor egg, the scope of multiple pregnancies is higher, as the donor age is less and generates more viable eggs. Therefore, clinicians preferred to use a limited number of embryos are transferred to mother wombs.

Infertility treatment, the sperm donor is the primary requirement in case of male partner insufficiency or intended parents are lesbians. However, reproductive experts follow step by step process to use donor sperm. Decision making for an opting sperm donor or sperm collecting from a sperm bank is foremost important to conceive through a sperm donor. In sperm bank, all sperms anonymously donated and are undergone for health testing.

However, if you select to use fresh sperm from a sperm donor, then screening test is conducted on sperm donor for collecting the healthy sperm donor. It is suggested that you should know the laws of using the sperm donor. In some countries paternity laws may be applied, so you should know the detail legal rights of the child. There are two processes to use donor sperm for conceiving purpose.

Depending upon the client choice and physical health of the female partner, fertility clinician can inseminate donor sperm to the mother's womb or can also apply in-vitro fertilization. In-vitro fertilization is fertility treatment. Both healthy egg and sperm are crucial factors for a successful IVF process. intra-cervical insemination (ICI) and Intra-uterine insemination (IUI)  are two sperm insemination process used for conceiving through donor sperm. The success rate is higher in IUI than ICI. Insemination process is followed for consecutive two days. The selection of insemination dates is based on ovulation date of the female partner.

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