Frequently Asked Questions related to Egg donation

Egg donation is an important element of fertility treatment through which women share her viable, good quality eggs to another infertile woman to assist her conceiving by opting assisted reproduction treatment.  Some frequently asked question related to egg donation are as follows:

What is the eligibility criteria to donate egg?

Most of the egg donation agencies consider that the female with age between 21 to 29 years is eligible to donate her egg. Thorough physical, mental health check-up is essential before the egg donation process initiated. Apart from age, the medical and familial history, ensuring a healthy lifestyle are very important criteria to obtain a good quality viable egg.

Egg donation faqs

Who use donated eggs?

Women who unable to produce enough good quality viable eggs due to ovarian malfunctioning, premature menopause, or repeated IVF cycle failure with her own eggs usually use donated eggs. Some women also opt donor's egg as they are aware of their genetic disorder, which can increase the risk of inherited disease transfer to their biological offspring.

Is egg donation hamper future fertility of the egg donor?

Normally, there is no chance to get negatively affected the fertility of the egg donor by donating her eggs. Every month most of the produced eggs die during the menstrual cycle. Therefore, donated eggs have no role in a future pregnancy. But in rare cases, during the egg donation procedure, the onset of infection which damages the fallopian tube hampers future pregnancy. The scope of such incidence is 1 in every 1000 egg retrieval process.

Have an egg donor any obligation with the born child through her donated egg?

None. The legal contract has been signed between the egg donor and recipient before egg donation. This contract clearly mentions that all the legal, parental, custodial rights and liability of the born child will be taken by the intended parents. The egg donor has no role and right in the future life of the born child.

Who bear the egg donation expenses?

Egg recipients need to bear all the expenses related to egg donation including medical and legal procedures. In addition, Egg recipients also require to purchase medical insurance for egg donor in cases of any unexpected complication arise during or after the procedure.

What are considerations help to decide the compensation amount of egg donor?

The egg donor has a great responsibility for a successful egg donation program. The strict adherence of the egg donation protocol without failing any appointment with full devoted service of the egg donor is greatly appreciated. Usually, five things are considered to decide the compensation amount of the donor's egg are time, effort, reimbursement of day-off, risk and pain.

What should be the time gap between the delivery of a baby and egg donation?

The minimum time period to get normalize the menstrual cycles takes at least three months after delivering a child. Therefore, the minimum gap between the delivery of a baby and egg donation should be three months. However, experts prefer more than these periods to avoid extra physical exhaustion.

Is breastfeeding women can donate her eggs?

Hormonal changes continue during breastfeeding. Clinicians do not prefer to conduct the egg donation process during breastfeeding. Minimum three months gap requires to normalize physical and endocrine health after stopping breastfeeding. Therefore, at least three months gap need to maintain between breastfeeding and egg donation.

Can egg donor continue her sex-life during egg donation?

Intercourse is possible during egg donation. But the administration of the fertility medications increases the scope of conceiving. Therefore, strict contraception methods need to follow.

Can termination or miscarriage history of egg donor limit the scope of egg donation?

It is required to evaluate the circumstances and factors responsible for termination or miscarriage. An egg donor cannot donate her egg in case of any medical screening report finds the physical health of the egg donor is the reason for termination or miscarriage.

What is the privacy policy maintain in egg donation?

Anonymous egg donation practice usually prefers where the identity of the egg donor kept confidential. However, if both the parties egg to meet each other, then they can meet with maintaining all the necessary confidentiality. However, Non- anonymous egg donation practice is also allowed in some countries.

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