Advantages of conducting surrogacy in Georgia

International infertile couple or person who desire to be a single parent often prefer to visit Georgia for opting commercial surrogacy. Since the past decade, international fertility tourism has grown remarkably. Intended parents from different countries visit Georgia due to poor surrogacy facility, and infrastructure or commercial surrogacy banning.

Georgia is considered as a great option for conducting commercial surrogacy because of the availability of the suitable budget and preferences.  The infertile couple, the single intended parent or homosexual people from across the globe have come to Georgia and get experience the parenthood pleasure with best quality service at a cost-effective rate.

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There are some countries where egg donation, surrogacy and sex selection for balancing is completely banned. Many fertility service providers in Georgia provide all these facilities under a one-roof with maintaining all the legal aspects required to carry surrogacy. Following are some significant advantages to pursue surrogacy in Georgia and make this country a surrogacy tourism hub.

Cost-effective surrogacy destination in Georgia

in Tbilisi and other Georgian clinics offer affordable fertility treatment and reasonable budget surrogacy.

Commercial surrogacy legally accepted

Commercial surrogacy means surrogates get payment for carrying the off-spring for the intended parents. Georgia is become a surrogacy hub due to legal acceptance of commercial surrogacy in this country. Across the globe, many infertile couples have chosen Georgia for legally pursuing commercial surrogacy.

Intended parents have the legal authority

The birth certificate of the child born through surrogacy has mentioned the names of the intended parents. The surrogate mother name is nowhere mentioned in the birth certificate. Therefore, intended parents have all the legal authority related to the born child. The birth certificate is issued within 24 hours of the child born.

Well-equipped fertility clinic

The fertility clinics in Georgia follows all the modern medical technology to pursue the surrogacy, as all the well-equipped fertility clinics have the infrastructure, which supports cutting-edge technology to achieve a positive result from each of the surrogacy processes.

Expert professionals

Surrogacy is a delicate process. It follows a number of complicated medical steps to get a successful result. The expert fertility team present in surrogacy service centers in Georgia provides effective consultation and take care of all the patient-oriented approach to make the dream possible in the right way.

Beautiful tourist destination

The eye-catching landscape makes Georgia a favorite tourist destination for many nature lovers. Different countries in Georgia attracts people to spend their holidays. Intended parents come from different countries to Georgia have spent quality time in Georgia. They always cherish the memorable days as their dream is fulfilled here through successful surrogacy.

Effortless surrogacy process

The surrogacy law is uncomplicated and supports commercial surrogacy in Georgia. Therefore intended parents do not experience any legal harassments during pursuing surrogacy.

Coordination between the intended parents and surrogate

Surrogacy service center usually takes responsibility for effective coordination between the intended parents and surrogate mother for updating all the necessary information. Both anonymous and non- anonymous egg donation facilities are also available in Georgia to pursue surrogacy.

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