Bonding between mother and baby born through egg donation

The straightforward answer to the question mentioned in the title of this article is 'yes'. At the initial stage, mothers who have given birth to their child by opting for an egg donation option feels less confident. This provides a significant impact on both the mother-child response at the initial stage.

The women who opt for egg donation services are usually older in age, which may become a barrier for them to start a family. But practically older-aged women who had already experienced two or more IVF cycle failures get the best option to become a mom by opting egg donation service.

Some considerable differences can be witnessed while comparing mothers who have conceived by using their eggs to that of the women who have used egg donation. Mothers using egg donor service are less sensitive towards their baby's behavior such as smiling at the child or responding to a baby pointing towards a toy or showing signs of boredom. They are not good enough to organize play activities for them. Similarly, babies are also less responsive in terms of eye contact, passing a smile to their mother, and also get less involved during playing.

Experts suggest that to overcome this initial problem, the mothers need to be confident about their parenting skills. This confidence can change their responsibilities towards their child's behaviors, and the child's response will also change accordingly when they will feel the bonding. However, this initial stage problems will be eradicated with the growing up of the child, as it is no different in controlling the nature of mother towards their child in both egg donation and women gave birth by using their egg.

The feeling of difference in egg donation pregnancy and traditional pregnancy are all psychological. Many women have reported they overcome this differentiation by coping up with their psychological stress. They stated that they were extremely happy after giving birth to an egg donor baby and did not feel any difficulty to create wonderful bonding with the baby. They correlate the conditions when they had faced challenges to conceive. In that phase of life, mothers only want their baby more and least bothered about the genetic link. The tremendous desire to become motherhood instigate to create bonding with the egg donor born baby at the initial stage of the postpartum period.

Women who opt for the egg donor should always need to remember that egg donation made them mothers. Therefore, building a family is more important than genetics. In the egg donation process, a woman does not feel to become a mother because their egg is fertilized and multiplied to form an embryo, till an ultrasound test shows successful implantation of the embryo. Apart from these small differences, no difference can be visible in future life. Children usually learn more from what they experience in their childhood. Strong bonding with the mother can develop a similar type of personality of the baby as the mother. It is always suggested to enjoy motherhood without bothering the birth history of a child.

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