IVF Success Estimator

The estimation of the success rate of different infertility treatments is very important for continuing those therapeutic measures. Internet service extension increases the awareness of the patients. Infertile couples have taken information about the different treatment options and also raise their awareness about the success rate of available treatments.

IVF is one of the most common assisted reproductive technology. The cost per cycle of IVF is quite high. Therefore, the estimation of chances of success rate per IVF cycle by applying personal clinical parameters of the individual patient has provided added benefit in the field of reproductive technology.

Different machine learning methods have discovered and used patients characteristics, available data for hyperstimulation and pregnancy outcome for analyzing a clinical database of IVF success rate estimation for an infertile patient.

Different Assisted Reproductive Technology organization have generated their own IVF success rate calculator. This aim to develop such calculators is to assist an infertile couple to understand the possibility of live birth based on the clinical condition of the individual patient.

The requirement of information may vary depending upon the computer programming set on the calculator. However, personal details of the patients including age, height, weight, pregnancy history, diagnosis of infertility, medical history, infertility treatment history are some common parameters of most the calculator. When a patient enters these data and clicks of calculator, then an automated calculator in-build in the system can calculate the scope.

In collaboration with the National Assisted Reproductive Technology Surveillance System, CDC collects data from every American fertility clinic each year. CDC is doing this to monitor the success rates of some infertility treatments. Recently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launch an IVF success estimator to calculate the chance of having a live birth by using the IVF method. However, the information does not store by CDC.

A woman who wants to check her chance of having live birth by using IVF method, she can use the IVF success estimator tool. The obtained result is estimated by calculating the incidence rate of women and couples with similar characteristics. Therefore, the result is based on the available data and the tool may not represent the chance in case of any specific type of experience.

It is important to mention that the IVF success estimator cannot provide any treatment recommendation, diagnosis, or other medical advice. Infertile couple seeks to medical heal and consults with a fertility doctor for the individual treatment plan and potential for success.



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