Tips for Successful Surrogacy and Egg Donation journey

Both surrogacy and egg donation are types of third party assisted reproductive technology (ART). In both of these procedures, sincere involvement in the medical process is the utmost requirement from both the parties (surrogate and intended parents or egg donor and egg receiver) result to obtain a successful result.

  • The foremost important tip for successful surrogacy and egg donation journey is to follow all the directions given by the fertility clinic before, during, and after every step followed to conduct the procedure.
  • The right selection of the clinic or agency is very important to avail of all the facilities including medical, legal, compensation support as well as identity protection.
  • Screening tests and all the diagnostic investigations necessary to continue the procedure should be carefully followed without any fail; so that eligibility of the candidate can be checked before starting the medical process.
  • Surrogate and egg donor should stringently follow all the medications and lifestyle measures recommended by the fertility expert at the preliminary stage and also during the procedure. For example, a fertility expert may recommend surrogate to take folic acid for three months before conceiving. Or, suggest staying away from smokers before and during egg donation and surrogacy, so that the passive side effect from smoking can be minimized.
  • Surrogate and egg donors must consult with the clinician before taking any additional medications apart from prescribed fertility-related medications.
  • Healthy eating habit and nutrition-rich diet are essential to support the medical procedure. Iron, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, folic acid, healthy fats are some nutrition essential for reproductive health as well as for the development of the fetus.
  • Avoid excessive caffeine intake as well as mercury rich fish like mackerel and swordfish, as this can affect egg quality as well as fetus health.
  • Regular exercise is important for both physical and mental health. Exercise promotes blood circulation to all the body parts and imparts a feel-good state of mind. Mild to moderate exercises, such as aerobic, swimming is effective to maintain the body weight. Maintaining body weight is essential for reproductive health.
  • Family support is very important during the surrogacy and egg donation journey. Keep yourself connected with your friend circle to enjoy this precious moment, as these are some noble works that are priceless.

Women who decide to become surrogate or donate their eggs are broad minded who want to help another infertile family by allowing them to enjoy parenthood, which itself is a never-ending joy for their whole life.

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