Can a couple opt for egg donation while they are fertile?

A couple usually opts for egg donation when repeated IVF cycle failed and the doctor has expected it occurs due to poor egg quality or insufficient egg quantity. Women having ovulation related issues like a premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, endometriosis, or other unexplained reasons usually need the assistance of egg donation services. But apart from these, if the female partner of a couple is fertile, but suffering from genetically transmitted diseases and risk of transferring the disease to their child can also opt egg donation service.

egg donation for designer baby

Nowadays, couples plan their family planning late. The reason behind this is varied like stability in the professional field, delay in partner selection, etc. In 2010, 11% of assisted reproductive techniques to require egg donation service. But whatever reason behind, the biological clock is ticking. Although they are neither reached to their menopause nor having any reproductive diseases, but many women who are thinking to start their family after 40 years of their age unable to conceive normally due to poor quality of the egg. They can opt for egg donation services.

Urbanization changes the traditional thought process, which is also applicable to fertility treatments. Many couples visit fertility clinics to create their designer baby who will have some special characteristics in terms of looks, skin color, height, and education which is different from their genetic subtypes. These couples believe beautiful people do better in their life so they choose a beautiful egg donor to improve the gene pool. But the concept of a designer baby is controversial and not ethically established and many countries not allow such practices. In this type of case, couples need to know country-specific rules and regulations.



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