Egg Donor Surrogacy or any other infertility treatment options?

After giving the right direction to a career or establishing a business or earning enough amount of money, the couple comes with the concept of starting a family. It is without any doubt the main motive of life to keep their surname continue to pass to the next generation but in some cases, egg donor surrogacy or other infertility treatments are required due to delay.

However, everyone is not lucky enough to conceive naturally. Not being able to conceive can be problematic and even traumatic that may be due to various reasons like health complications, infertility in man or woman (or both), aging, and genetic issues too.

However, not being able to conceive is not end to hopes as medical science has made it easy for couples (even for the single parent and age-old couples too) to start the family. There are various treatment options to help them in fulfilling their desire.

Choosing the best one is an important decision to make. The selection of the right treatment also depends on the type of medical problems you are facing.

Egg Donation and surrogacy are the two common methods of conceiving – mainly for couples who have tried natural methods and even IVF but didn’t get success.

Egg Donation – An Option to Carry Pregnancy with Eggs

According to medical technology, donor treatment is IUI or IVF that is started by using sperm, eggs, or embryos. However, some ethical, social, and legal aspects may involve in using a door.

Eggs are donated by healthy young women in their reproductive age – mainly whey they don’t want to carry the pregnancy due to career or financial stability or want to become the mother after crossing 40 years with a stable career. These eggs are taken from them and kept as frozen to use in the future.

Egg donor services are ideal for women in the following conditions:

  • Undergoing early menopause
  • No normal development of eggs or proper fertilization of eggs
  • Age-related factors that may decrease the chances of pregnancy due to poor egg quality

Donation eggs are fertilized and place in the womb of the surrogate or intended mother using the IVF process.

However, it creates genetic issues as you may lose the genetic link with the child, but sure to get a healthy baby.

Egg donor selection is also important that is done by keeping in mind various points and after certain check-ups. For this, choosing a reliable egg donor center or reputed fertility clinic is a vital decision to make.

An egg donor can be your family member, relative, or someone whom you know well. Reputed clinics always choose the healthy donor and keep eggs preserved in freezing conditions to use later.

Surrogacy – The Successful Way of becoming Parent

Being one of the successful and popular infertility solutions, surrogacy is a miracle for those intended couples, in which a woman cannot carry the pregnancy due to any major health complication or genetic issue.

It is also an ideal way to start a family for a single parent. Couples can also fulfill their desire to become a happy parent of a child of their name.

The surrogacy process starts with finding healthy young women who have already given birth to a child. The woman can be from your family, someone from your relation, or she can be employed by the surrogacy center to carry the pregnancy for you after signing a contract between parents and surrogate.

The contract is signed to ensure that no relationship will be kept with the child by the surrogate; while the baby will get the name of intended parents immediately after the birth.

An embryo is placed in the surrogate’s womb that is developed from eggs and sperms of the intended parents or donor eggs and sperms or donor sperm.

There are various essential points kept in mind for the duration of choosing a surrogate like her age, health, background, ethnicity, and different other points.

Which One Is Better?

Egg donation engrosses pregnancy in the women of the woman from the intended couples. On the other side, surrogacy starts with hiring a surrogate who can carry the pregnancy for intended couples to give birth to a child.

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