How much time does it take in the egg donation process?

The egg donation process is time taking. However, the egg process is followed step by step and need not take a complete break throughout the process. An egg donor can involve in their other priorities including their jobs, family, etc.

Egg donation price time

In certain cases, compensation involves the egg donation process due to the huge commitment and involvement required from egg donors during the process. On average 36 to 37 days are involved in the egg donation process. Following are the steps completed during the egg donation process:

Screening and acceptance

A rigorous screening process is conducted to search for potential egg donors. During the screening process, the health, medical history, and family medical history of the donor are thoroughly checked. The stringent screening process is continued to find out the best possible egg donor. Searching and screening of egg donation take two to three months. During this phase, the egg donor needs two to four clinic visits. The screening process is divided into the following three phases to ensure the best possible egg donor is screened.

Phase 1

The three primary steps including information collection, interview, and urine tests are performed. During this phase, a drug screening is included along with checking the AMH hormone level is produced by ovaries.

Phase 2

During this phase, physical examination, lab tests, psychological screening are conducted. During this phase, the essential hormonal labels are checked. All the documentation submission is completed including family medical history.

Phase 3

In this phase, the medical professional thoroughly review the submitted documents and medical reports for further proceed to the steps.

Frozen egg bank facility

It is preferable to select an egg bank where a frozen egg bank facility is present. In the fresh egg donation process, the immediate finding of the recipient is very crucial, but the step is critical due to a suitable match is important. The donor may need to wait till the suitable recipient match does not find out. But the donor need not wait in case of frozen egg bank facility is available. Even no waiting period for a donor for coordinating the menstrual cycle with the recipient. The donation process is scheduled according to the donor’s suitability and comfort.

Starting of egg donation cycle

The egg donation cycle begins with the beginning of the mensuration cycle. Following is the timeline maintain to obtain the egg donation.   

  • Doner need to start oral contraceptive pills on the third day after the period has started for keeping the hormonal level and ovaries in a non-ovulatory state while doner wait to begin stimulation.
  • A blood test and ultrasound tests are conducted in the clinic after a clinical appointment in 2 to 3 weeks. If all the test reports are good, then the doctor will insert an injection to stimulate ovaries for generating multiple eggs and their maturation. Ovarian stimulation therapy is continued for approximately ten days. During this time, the donor is under medical supervision and the doctor will closely monitor the ovaries.
  • When an appropriate ovarian condition occurs during the monitoring phase, then the donor will receive the shot of the HCG trigger. After 34 to 36 hours of receiving the HCG shot, the egg retrieval process will start.
  • The egg retrieval process takes only about 20 minutes. However, the donor needs to reach the clinic one hour before the scheduled time and stay in the clinic for one hour after the egg retrieval process. Medically it is suggested to take a day off to rest on the day of egg retrieval. And egg donor starts their regular activity in very next day.

In the egg donation process, the required timing is almost about 36 to 37 days. During this period, the donor needs a daily appointment for about ten days. However, the mentioned time is not fixed for everyone. It may vary as the physiological system of every individual is different works.

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