Are there any Alternatives to IVF?

Difficulties in conceiving are often an undiscussed topic, as couples who are trying for a long often hesitate to discuss it. Many couples have the thought that only IVF treatment is the option for them to conceive due to a lack of knowledge of fertility treatment options. But many other effective alternatives of IVF fertility treat option may suitable for the couple which can only be suggested after they seek a consultation with an expert fertility specialist.

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Understand the right timing

Pregnancy depends upon the timing of intercourse. Intercourse leading up to ovulation is important for conceiving, but many women have a misconception of intercourse during ovulation. Many fertility clinics have the option to track the ovulation cycle through blood sample testing or scanning so that the exact timing of the starting of ovulation can be identified for the best possible result. Due to ovulate can also be detected through different online apps or tracking tools.

Available fertility treatment apart from IVF

Fertility experts usually do not straightway to jump IVF treatment without investigating the patient's underlying cause of infertility. Detection of ovulation disorder, PCOS is often treated with oral medication and periodic ultrasound scanning.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is an alternative fertility treatment for those who do not have a regular ovulation problem.  In IUI, the male partner’s sperm is artificially inseminated inside the woman’s uterus for fertilization. This is similar to a pap smear test, which is conducted on an out-patient basis in the fertility clinic. IUI is an affordable procedure in comparison with the IVF procedure.

Keyhole surgery can be a remedial option for endometriosis and provides successful treatment outcome without further intervention.

Lifestyle measures for boosting fertility naturally

Some healthy lifestyle measures like quitting smoking, weight management, healthy diet intake, regular physical exercise, and limiting alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages consumption can boost fertility which may be degraded due to poor lifestyle measures.

Complementary medicines

Some fertility boosting vitamins and health supplements are included under complementary medicines. Whereas, acupuncture and some other therapies are recommended as an alternative treatment approach. However, it is always advisable to discuss with your fertility doctor before including complementary medicine or alternative therapies so that they cannot interact with each other.

IVF treatment recommendation

The IVF treatment is only recommended when other available fertility treatments failed to provide a successful result. Consultation with a fertility expert helps in decision making. However, the male partner’s sperm quality and the age of the female partner are both important criteria for successful IVF treatment. Detection of chromosomal abnormality and the genetic condition is also important in the IVF treatment. In such conditions prior genetic detection is important for IVF therapy.

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