Which is a better natural pregnancy or IVF?

The physiological system of every individual is different. Therefore, every mother experiences a unique journey during her pregnancy. It does not depend upon how she conceives the child.

ivf or natural pregnancy

Previous research studies reported that IVF may cause congenital abnormalities due to spindle defects and chromosomal errors occur because of ovarian stimulation. Hormonal therapies are prescribed in the IVF cycle before the egg retrieval process. However, in natural pregnancy, the hormonal environment gives optimal conditions for the oocyte and follicle maturation. Therefore, the chances of abnormality of a born child due to the hormonal disorder are less in normal pregnancy. But a recent study result concluded that the hormonal stimulation in the IVF cycle does not interfere with the embryo quality.

Natural pregnancy is a conventional conceiving process that is traditionally followed. Therefore, there should not be any comparison between natural pregnancy and IVF. But here it is necessary to mention that IVF is an advanced fertility treatment and provides many opportunities to the patients who are facing difficulty to get pregnant naturally. The IVF process is not only helping to conceive them but provides advantages like embryo screening, more embryo production, selection of a number of the embryo transfer process, and less sperm requirement which cannot be possible in a natural pregnancy.

Embryo screening

In the IVF process, the overall health of the embryo is checked and only healthy embryos are selected for transfer to the mother’s womb. The genetic screening process helps to identify the specific genetic disorders if present in the embryo. Therefore, this helps in giving birth to a healthy child.

More number of embryos produced

In the IVF process, hormonal therapies prescribe to stimulate egg production. Thus, it increases the possibility of a greater number of embryo production through artificial fertilization in the laboratory.  This cannot be possible in a natural pregnancy.

Selection of the number of embryo production

In the IVF process, a greater number of embryos are produced. Therefore, the doctor often transfers multiple embryos after discussion with the patient to increase the success rate of pregnancy. However, the current embryo screening process also gives the opportunity to transfer a single embryo. Therefore, the patient can choose to have a twin or triplet to give birth, which is not possible in a natural pregnancy. However, multiple pregnancies have their own complications.

Less sperm requirement

In a natural pregnancy, the higher sperm count increases the possibility of conception. Moreover, sperm quality including shape and mobility is an important factor for natural pregnancy. Otherwise, sperm unable to reach the egg for fertilization. But in the IVF process, a smaller number of sperm is required and even not require high sperm motility. Here, sperm does not push to meet with eggs, but artificially mix with egg for fertilization.  Therefore, a woman with a male partner who has low sperm quality can also be pregnant through the IVF process.

The above are some advantages of IVF over natural pregnancy.



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