Why India is the Best option for IVF treatments?  

A study published in 2015 reported that the increasing prevalence of infertility will create a 9 to 12 times higher IVF market than the current demand in India, especially in large metro cities. The fast growth of Indian fertility tourism signifies that India becomes a favorable destination for medical tourism. Currently, India becomes a Go-To destination for all types of fertility treatment with the availability of advanced technology. Infertility cases are increasing worldwide and people from different countries select India as the fertility tourism destination because of the availability of high-class treatment facilities in a cost-effective manner.

ivf in india

According to the medical tourism website of the Government of India, the combination of the economic infertility treatment and availability of modern amenities in the field of assisted reproductive technology (ART) in India make this country a top choice for infertility treatments including IVF treatment facilities. Fertility clinics in Australia, Denmark, France, Spain, and the UK are facing difficulty to arrange egg donors to meet the demand of these countries. Whereas, a huge population in India can easily solve this issue and provides hassle-free IVF treatment comparatively in a low waiting period. Many fertility clinics in India run to serve foreign infertile couples who come from UAE, USA, UK, Australia, and Africa. It has been estimated that infertility treatment in India is completed nearly one-quarter of the cost in comparison with developed countries.

Indian medical and health research takes part in global advancement in the healthcare sector. Currently provides the best treatment and medical service not only for Indian citizens but also foreigners can avail these facilities at a lower cost. Indian medical health services take care of patient satisfaction levels in terms of treatment as well as hospitality services. The recent advancement in medical technology in India makes it a competitor for other countries across the globe. Factors that make India a preferred destination for IVF treatment include

  • Availability of state-of-the-art IVF Labs where the latest technologies are followed.
  • Skilled IVF professionals who have experience infertility treatment
  • The quality service at an affordable price
  • Adequate number of IVF treatment centers
  • Continuous advancement followed in India
  • All metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad have easy connectivity along with sufficient IVF Treatment centers.
  • Renowned IVF Treatment centers in India give sufficient documents to confirm the success rate of IVF treatment that helps patients in decision making and makes them confident enough to proceed with the IVF cycle. The high pregnancy rates per embryo transfer are important to know as it reduces the overall cost of treatment. It also helps in minimizing the discomfort, saves time which is required for multiple egg retrievals. Many infertile couples who opt for IVF treatment in India reported that they select this country after evaluating and comparing the success rate of other IVF clinics and get the best result. Therefore, India offers infertile couples a world-class treatment with an excellent IVF success rate at a low cost to fulfill their dreams of building a family.

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