What is the mindset before egg donation selection?

Egg donation is utilized by infertile hetero couples when the female partner can't deliver great quality eggs herself.

Egg donation mindset

It is likewise progressively utilized by male couples and single men to accomplish parenthood: the egg donor gives the egg, which is fertilized with the intended father's sperm utilizing IVF and the subsequent undeveloped organism is gestated by a surrogate.

The involvement of an egg donor is a kind of miracle that significantly increases the possibility of pregnancy. 

Egg donation is considered a noble job. It is an effective treatment measure in assisted reproductive treatment over thirty years.

The egg donation process gets popular day by day.

Many infertile women enjoy their motherly hood because of egg donation.

Egg banks also play a major role in the egg donation process.

Egg recipients often take help from the egg bank for donor selection. Egg banks take the responsibility for the shipments on a case-to-case basis.

They also coordinate with clinics for sending and receiving the collected eggs.

The following six factors need to consider during the selection of egg donors.

Known Donor vs. recruited Egg Donor

Intended parents need to decide whether they will ask their female relative, friend, or the known person who can donate her egg. Otherwise, intended parents have an option to recruit an egg donor through an egg donation agency, frozen egg bank, or fertility center.

Agency usually has a database of egg donors for intended parents who usually prefer anonymous egg donation.

However, some egg donors get permission to contact the child who conceived with her egg.

In the case of intended parents have no issue having a relationship between the born child and known donor, and then in advance, it is necessary to define the relationship between them.

It is suggested that intended parents and the known donor should take legal advice from an attorney experienced in reproductive law to make their decision more resilient.

In an anonymous egg donation, the donor does not disclose her identity to the intended parents.

The egg donor agency, fertility center, frozen egg bank act as an intermediary between them and take care of all the necessary documentation in the donation process.

In the anonymous egg donation process, the donor should sign a contract that ensures she relinquishes all parental rights of the born children from her donated eggs and prospective parents get legitimate parental rights of the born child/ children.

Medical History and Mental Health

Egg donation agency, frozen egg bank, our fertility center has their standard protocol to screen every egg donor for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, and genetic disorders, and kept in their record. Every anonymous egg donor also needs to submit her and her family’s medical history to the agency to complete the database.

However, every egg donor who is recruited through the egg donation agency has to undergo psychological testing and physical evaluation before starting the egg donation program.

However, all the necessary medical tests are performed for known donors also. Donor medical history is important for many aspects.

For instance, prospective parents usually want donors with the same blood group as either of them have.

This can help the parent to donate his/her blood to their child in require in the future.

Ethnicity, Hair and Eye Color

Recruiting donors from an egg donor agency offers wider choice in respect of ethnicity from their large database.

Many prospective parents prefer to select a donor who has similar physical characteristics like hair or eye color so that the born child will also get a similar appearance.

This will help to reduce the distinct biological differences between the child and prospective parents.

Some prospective parents have religious background rigidity and that influences their decision.

Such parents may prefer known egg donors. However, they can also select from an egg donor base.

Previous experience in egg donation

Some prospective parents prefer to choose egg donor who has previous experience in egg donation.

In such cases, egg donor has awareness of the whole process and is well aware of bodily responses against fertility medications and the chance of complexity is less.

Legally no restriction limits the number of egg donations for a donor.

But usually, clinicians are not recommended repeated egg donation and prefer to donate a certain number of times.

The long-term effect of repeated egg donation is not yet performed.

Other Physical Characteristics

The gene of the egg donor is directly going to the born child and becomes a part of the family.

Prospective parents must check the overall health condition and lifestyle factors of the egg donor.

Prospective parents often preferred to select egg donors with good height, body type, athletic background, of the egg donor.

Intelligence and Personality

Both of the factors are important, but debatable topics in the egg donation process.

Most of the egg donor agencies prefer to screen pleasant personality donors along with their educational background to create less confusion in the decision-making of the prospective parents.

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