How and why Egg donation services in Georgia are getting attention worldwide? 

There are some countries where egg donation, surrogacy, and sex selection for balancing are completely banned.

Egg donation georgia

Many fertility service providers in Georgia provide all these facilities under one roof with maintaining all the legal aspects required to carry out the process.

Some of the specific features in egg donation services in Georgia are getting global attention.

Egg recipients who travel to Georgia for egg donation services get hassle-free services.

Georgian egg donation program has different packages depending upon the cost, which include basic egg donor package, guaranteed baby package, etc.

Some surrogacy clinics recently launched a bank for Asian Egg Donors who can take a trip to Georgia or any other surrogacy destinations associated with those organisations.

Overview of egg donation

Egg donation is the process in which fertile women at their reproductive age donate their viable egg to another woman who has infertility issues due to egg crisis (the female gamete) necessary for creating an embryo through fertilization with sperm.

Egg donor needs to visit the clinic where she first screened and only eligible candidates can select for egg donation.

During egg donation, the egg donor receives some medication to stimulate egg production.

Receiving the stimulation medication, the egg donor produces more viable eggs in a single cycle to facilitate an efficient egg donation process.

Then the eggs are collected from the donor's womb by inserting a needle attached with an ultrasound probe through the vaginal wall.

The whole egg donation process is conducted under medical supervision.

Delicately collected eggs have been sent to the embryology department.

An embryologist can evaluate the quality of each of the collected eggs.

Every viable egg is then fertilized by introducing the male partner's sperm or sperm donor to create embryos.

This whole process is known as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Egg donation services in Georgia

Egg donation is considered a noble job and becomes an effective treatment measure in assisted reproductive treatment over thirty years.

The egg donation process gets popular and many infertile women enjoy their motherly hood because of egg donation.

Egg banks also play a major role in the egg donation process. Egg recipients often take help from the egg bank for donor selection.

Egg banks take the responsibility for the shipments on a case to case basis and also coordinate with clinics for sending and receiving the collected eggs.

But recently the global scenario has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been estimated that 188 countries and territories affected and followed lockdown and social distancing policies to control the situation.

Clinical set-ups are mostly utilises for Coronavirus treatments.

In this condition, elective treatment like assisted reproductive treatment has suggested postponing.

Many egg banks, as well as fertility clinics of many countries, have poised acquisition of donor eggs until supplementary directives are declared by the fertility department working under the government of those countries.

But egg banks in Georgia start their services as they have a sufficient amount of donor inventory that had procured before the arrival of COVID Pandemic.

Intended parents can view and select from the inventory. However, some hurdles may restrict the shipping capabilities as these depend upon clinic and lab functionality.

Georgian courier services, laboratory centers, and intended parent clinics also take additional effort to accept the shipments in proper time to provide benefits to the intended parents to avail the egg donation facility and continue their fertility treatment.

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