Should a pregnant lady attend her antenatal and postnatal appointments during Corona-virus pandemic situation?

It is important for routine care during pregnancy and after delivery of the child to avoid complications. Antenatal and postnatal appointments aim to provide clinical advice for smoothening child delivery along with accelerates the maternal healing process after delivery of the child so that the family bonding becomes healthy and strong.

antenatal and postnatal appointments during Coronavirus

In normal conditions, the expected mother must attend both antenatal and postnatal appointments. But in the recent situation, health experts advise staying home and avoid to contact with others because the whole world under COVID- 19 pandemic condition and social distancing is the only way to be safe from this disease.If the pregnant woman herself is suspected or confirmed with the coronavirus infection, then she should contact the antenatal clinic for informing her current self-isolation condition before attending the routine antenatal appointments. This will help the antenatal clinic to perform necessary actions like postponing the date of appointment if possible, telephonic or video conferencing for appropriate guidance. But in case of the unavoidable condition, the clinic will arrange the meeting at a different time, when other visitors not present in the clinic or else arrange the appointment in the different clinics to protect the other visitors.

Suspected or confirmed coronavirus infected mothers need to be proactive to take care of herself and her baby. During this situation, suspected or confirmed coronavirus infected mothers need to communicate with the maternity team and take initiative to fix the next appointment. Following are certain practical advice for suspected or confirmed coronavirus infected mothers:

  • Expected mothers can self-monitor blood pressure and keep a record. In the case of observable fluctuation of blood pressure, contact with the clinic and inform the condition. Even, the blood pressure is in the normal range, then also record-keeping help during telephonic discussion or video-conferencing.
  • After 26 weeks of pregnancy, a routine antenatal check-up is important for the measurement of the bump or scanning; but if the patient is in a 14-day self-isolation period, then the antenatal team needs to provide proper advice to the patient for necessary action.
  • Patient should pay full attention during the appointment.
  • Keep regular contact with the maternity team, they will prepare a plan according to the patient's condition.
  • Expected mother needs to contact with maternity team if she misses an appointment for rescheduling the appointment.

A pregnant woman and her family member should take care of the following condition to support the current COVID-19 pandemic condition.

  • Any concern which bothers an expected mother should be discussed with her maternity team. But maintaining the patience level is important in the current situation. Clinical professionals may take time to get back to the concerned person, as they busy handling more critical conditions.
  • The expected mother or her family member can contact the maternity unit in any emergency related to pregnancy. But it is suggested that do not create any pseudo-panic condition and avoid unnecessary involvement of the clinical team. Currently, each member of the clinical team busy treating millions of coronavirus infected patients worldwide.
  • In case any expected mother infected with coronavirus infection must-visit alone to attend her antenatal appointments to control infection. During the isolation period, antenatal visits may need to reduce, but a pregnant woman should discuss with her antenatal team and clarify all her doubts and need to agree with her condition before the reduction of the number visits.

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