Choosing a Traveling donor for your IVF or Surrogacy process

Advanced assisted reproductive technology allows different donation methods to obtain success infertility treatment. Egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation are some commonly used techniques applied in IVF and/or surrogacy process. In such cases, the location of the donor is an important factor in IVF or surrogacy process. Usually, it is preferable to select a local donor who able to reach the ART clinic without spending much time and expenditure. But in certain cases, the perfect match does not found locally or intended parents prefer to take help from International service for better treatment outcomes. Therefore, they choose traveling donor for their IVF treatment or surrogacy process.

Economical consideration

Intended parents need to bear with some extra hurdles for selecting a traveling donor. Monitory expense is one of the considerable factors in this selection process. However, the ART clinic agency usually helps to select the traveling donor according to the intended parent's preference. But the total cost of the fertility treatment increases due to the traveling and lodging charges of the donor and intended parents need to disburse this extra expense along with compensation charge for the service including physical trouble, day off, medical expense, etc.

Reasons to select Travelling donor

However, if the monetary expense does not matter, then choosing a traveling donor is an adventurous experience for both the clients. But the authenticity of the donor must be verified before selecting any donor for the treatment procedure. For this, it is always better to contact any reputed ART service organization who maintain all huge International donor database with complete legal legitimacy. Following are some valid reasons to choose a traveling donor than local donor:

  • The national law does not permit to access the egg donation/ gamete donation/embryo donation in the fertility treatment.
  • The permissible age limit for egg recipients is higher in the International destination than in the domestic country.
  • Intended parents prefer International donor service for opting anonymous egg donation policy.
  • The treatment expense along with donor charge in the home country is quite high than the traveling donor service.
  • International service offers a better infrastructure with high-quality treatment and a higher success rate of the treatment outcome.

Popular destination & their services

Many popular destinations like Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Portugal offer free services for emergency contact, airport pickup, and online consultation.

Important considerations during selecting traveling donor

Apart from personal preference, certain other factors need to keep in mind during the selection of the destination for traveling donor service include legal restriction of accepting donor service, donor matching process, and the expenditure of the donor service.

According to the International Medical Associations recommendation, selected egg donors must share some similar characteristics with the recipients including blood group, the color of hair, eye, skin, and height.

How to reach an authentic service station to choose traveling donor?

Searching for the correct result needs raising correct questions! It has often found that intended parents do their research based on the popularity of the clinic, treatment cost, and success rate. But instead of searching in this fashion, raising the following questions may give a better selection process:

  • What will be the best possible treatment expense depending upon the particular medical history of the patient?
  • What is the possibility to get success from the treatment outcome depending upon the particular medical history of the patient?
  • How many traveling require during the whole treatment process?

Smart steps with focused determination are very important to opt for traveling donors for IVF treatment or surrogacy processes to obtain a successful result.


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