Egg donation procedure: Step by step

egg donation process: Flower Gift

Egg donation is a systematic medical procedure conducted in an egg donation center under the medical and legal supervision for completing the process efficiently and ethically.

Application for egg donation

Every egg donation center has its own application form, which may be available online or on the specific center. The applicant needs to fill up the form by mentioning all the details required in the particular form for candidature.  The details of the egg donor should be genuine. Egg donation centers evaluate all information.

The initial selection is based upon the personal details provided by the candidates. After the initial selection, the candidate needs to give more details information regarding family history, educational background, personal and family medical history, physical characteristics and any drug, alcohol or smoking habit.

Orientation meeting

Every egg donation center usually conducts an orientation meeting with final selected candidates before start medical screening tests. All the details of the egg donation process are given during the orientation. An egg donor can also ask any question regarding egg donation to mitigate confusion. Egg donation center can even talk with egg donor family members with the acquiescence of the candidate.

Medical screening

Egg donation center provides the appointment date for medical screening tests after completion of the orientation meeting. Physical examination, pelvic ultrasound, and certain blood tests are conducted during medical screening tests. No payment has to pay for this medical screening tests.


If all the test reports are positive, then medical and psychological counseling is arranged for the finally selected egg donor. Egg donors can take their final decision after completion of this counseling, whether they are comfortable with the whole egg donation process or not. The egg donation center never forces any egg donor to donate her egg. The confidentiality is maintained and egg donor identity never disclosed without taking consent from the egg donor.

Egg donation process

The egg donor has to sign a consent form before the egg donation process started. The duration of egg donation treatment is two weeks and usually, egg donor needs to visit in the egg donation center for seven times during this treatment period. Ultrasound and certain blood tests are conducted every two to three days. Usually, 15minutes to 1 hour time require for medical test performance.

A hormonal injection is administered every day for two weeks of the treatment period. An egg donor can self administer this injection or take medical help by following proper instructions of treatment measure. The egg donors can contact immediately in case of any discomfort arise after administering the injection to resolve the problem.

The egg retrieval process starts after the completion of two weeks treatment period. A preplan egg retrieval date is fixed when the egg donor needs to take leave from her workplace. The egg retrieval process is conducted under sedation and almost 4 hours duration require for the whole procedure. This process is conducted under medical supervision in the clinic. After completion of the period egg donor require some resting time and then she can go back to her home.

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