Surrogacy – The Last of Become a Mother

For a lady, who by any medical issue or other problem is unable to carry a baby in her womb, surrogacy is the best option. Surrogacy is started by convincing a healthy lady to ready to carry a baby in her womb from the sperm and egg of biological parents through a process of embryo prepared in embryology lab. The embryo is transferred into the uterine cavity or uterus of surrogate mother for being a baby.

For Whom Surrogacy is the Right Option of Being a Mother

Women who are living without uterus, fibroid in uterus, collapse uterus, damage uterus, polyp in uterus or had hysterectomy, surrogacy is the option to fulfill their desire of being a mother.

Understand the Surrogacy Process – Essential to Know About

  • Before getting the process started for surrogacy, it is important to know about every step. It will further help you in a number of ways. Surrogacy process is defined here:
  • First of all, you should schedule appointment at the best surrogacy centre in a country where it is legal and affordable. Reliability and trust from the surrogate mother and your commitment matters a lot. Reaching the reputed IVF centre or a surrogacy service provider is a good decision as they offer you attractive packages as per the ethnicity of the surrogate mother, her age and nationality.
  • Experts of a selected IVF and surrogacy service centre clear all legal and health issues between surrogate and biological parents after that match the cycle of surrogate and biological mother or egg donor.
  • Surrogate mother (a healthy lady of young age) is the key person in entire process that plays a role in carry baby in her womb from embryo transfer to delivery. It is ensured that there is no relation with baby and surrogate – relation only with own biological parents.
  • It’s same equal to IVF process difference in this as experts transfer embryos in surrogate uterus. After this procedure, surrogate mother stays in surrogate home under their supervision. Experts from a selected centre provide proper accommodation to her and all medical facility.
  • It is also important to note that surrogate went to hospital or clinic for regular check-up when required. Experts of the selected centre also give fully family environment to all surrogate mother because they feel happy during pregnancy.
  • At the time of delivery, they are kept in supervision of experienced gynecologists to ensure birth of bay in easy process and without any major health complication.

The Simple Way of Understanding Entire Process Is Mentioned Below:

  • Apply/register and then you will get quick response from the surrogacy clinic or centre
  • Clear all legal, medical and package medical issues with experts
  • Profile selection of the donor/surrogate than cycle match
  • Process of egg retrieval and fertilization In-lab
  • Mature embryo transfer to surrogate
  • Baby delivered by surrogate and receiving by biological parents

Find a Reliable Surrogacy Centre for a Healthy Baby

It is important to reach the right and reliable surrogacy or IVF centre for a child through surrogacy. ARTbaby is a reliable name to assist childless couples to achieve their goal to build a family through surrogacy and egg donation. They firmly believe that surrogacy and egg donation is the last and only hope available to the childless after several failed IVF cycle or as indicated as the last report by the treating IVF specialist.

Full honesty, confidentiality and transparency throughout the process is specialty here – making ARTbaby Surrogacy & Egg Donation Centre the right name in the infertility treatment domain. You have to schedule an appointment and leave rest of the work on experts working here.

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