Egg donation cost depends on what factors?

Egg donation is the process of missing links for couples or singles parents who are unable to build up their family on their own. In the egg donation process, a woman donates her eggs for fertility treatment of other infertile women. Eggs collected from egg donors use to fertilize in a laboratory with sperm from the intended father or another sperm donor to create an embryo. The created embryo is then placed in the uterus of the intended mother or surrogate to achieve a healthy pregnancy. However, the egg donation cost varies depending upon different factors.

How much does egg donation cost?

Fresh and frozen egg donations are two processes involved. Fresh eggs cost is more than frozen eggs. The success rate of live births of fresh eggs is slightly higher (55.3%) than that of frozen eggs (46.7%). However, the cost of egg donation varies depending upon the factors like:

  • Agency’s compensation
  • Egg donor fees
  • Screening cost
  • Legal fees
  • IVF-clinic-related expenses.

Here it is necessary to mention that in some cases multiple rounds of donor egg IVF require to obtain the successful result. Depending upon, the number of IVF cycles requirement involved cost varies.

Egg donation is an expensive process. In this process, prospective parents need to pay compensation to the egg donor for her service and medical tests and procedures. It also involves traveling expenses, legal costs, and eventually IVF process. Following is the brief breakdown of egg donation cost:

Service charges of agency

Egg donation agencies have different charges for their services. Depending upon the service requirement charges vary. Like, the hiring of a premium egg donor or experienced egg donor who has previous experience of successful egg donation round requires extra cost. Agency takes this cost for the selection and recruitment of egg donors. Also for coordination with other involved parties for successful completion of the process.

  • Egg Donor Fees
  • Multiple steps in the egg donation process are chargeable that include
  • Egg donor compensation
  • Traveling expenses
  • Medical screening
  • Egg retrieval processing
  • Clinic charges
  • Compensation in case of cancellation of the cycle

Egg donor compensation varies depending upon the location, ethnicity, educational background, prior experience. Donor with higher education from elite universities involves more cost.

Legal Fees

A legal contract is signed between the donor and intended parents. The contract sets the party's expectations and intentions before, during, and after gamete donation. Legal fees are required for drafting the agreement, negotiation of this agreement, and the egg donor’s attorney's legal fees.

The egg donation cost varies from country to country, state to state.

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