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pregnancy and thyroid

Infertility can be associated with thyroid hormonal disorder

Thyroid hormone plays multiple vital roles in human physiology, which include basal metabolic rate enhancement, protein synthesis in the cellular structure, maturation of neural development and controlling long bone development. Thyroid hormonal function provides a significant impact on every human cellular development. Female reproductive health also depends upon thyroid hormone secretion.  It has been noticed […]

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Egg donation scope and medical factors

Medical factors and scope of egg donation

The invention of IVF is the basis of opening of the egg donation service. In IVF, the hormonal therapy is injected to hyperstimulate the ovaries and multiple eggs are removed, which then fertilize externally before uterine implantation. But, when hyperstimulation unable to stimulate ovary for certain women or insufficient egg retrieval or poor egg quality […]

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Egg donation faqs

Frequently Asked Questions related to Egg donation

Egg donation is an important element of fertility treatment through which women share her viable, good quality eggs to another infertile woman to assist her conceiving by opting assisted reproduction treatment.  Some frequently asked question related to egg donation are as follows: What is the eligibility criteria to donate egg? Most of the egg donation […]

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egg donation compensation contract

The ethical and legal challenges in Egg donation compensation

One of the common problem during the IVF cycle is insufficient eggs formation in the ovary of the intended mother. Experts often recommend for availing egg donation to pursue the IVF treatment. Therefore, IVF and egg donation is quite a common recommendation in the fertility treatment comes under ART. Some may think egg donation is […]

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Flower pregnant woman

Anatomical changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy is associated with significant changes in anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system. These changes occur due to underlying biochemical and endocrine alterations which bring together modifications of multiple organs and systems. These essential changes help women to adapt to the state of pregnancy and also support the development and survival of the […]

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Why egg recipient have better chance to get pregnant than egg donor?

In assisted reproductive technology (ART), implantation is one of the vital steps to obtain a successful outcome.  Successful implantation depends upon some parameters which include: Embryo quality Receptivity of endometrial Proper synchronization between embryo- endometrial interactions A self-limited widow period is required to prepare the endometrium to acquire the necessary modification and physiological changes for […]

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The outlook of Indian Egg donors towards egg donation

Egg donation is an infertility treatment approach usually recommended for heterosexual couples when female partners fail to produce good quality eggs in her ovary. Egg donation is also used in the case of the single intended father or gay couple to help them in their family building. Egg donation is usually required for advanced age […]

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Three additional steps of IVF before embryo implantation

The fundamentals of IVF procedure is to the conduction of artificial fertilization in the laboratory followed with embryo creation and uterine implantation for further development. Implantation of embryo into the uterus, which is also known as embryo transfer in the final stage of IVF procedure before delivery the child. There are three consecutive steps usually […]

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