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Egg quality and fertility

Egg quality and fertility

Family planning success depends upon many physiological aspects of both partners. But we cannot deny, the role of the female partner is much more than male. A strong reproductive system of a woman is of utmost need to pursue gestation. But egg quality is the foremost important requirement to precede fertilization and the generation of […]

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Canned food and fertility

Canned foods are mostly processed foods. Processed foods are simply foods that have undergone some transformation from their original form. Food processing can range from grain milling through vegetable fermentation to more complex industrial methods used for increasing the shelf-life of the products. The following three most harmful to fertility are canned foods: Sweet drinks […]

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Uterus Fibrosis and fertility

Uterus fibrosis and fertility

Fibroids are benign tumors that grow inside or outside the uterus. This can affect fertility and the chances of getting pregnant. Uterine fibroids are very common. About 20% to 80% of women develop such type of non-malignant growth by the age of 50. The 30% of women with the ages between 25 and 44 have […]

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Chemical imbalance and fertility

Chemical imbalance and fertility

Hormones have a lot in common with our reproductive systems; every minute of imbalance causes various fertility problems. Hormonal imbalance occurs when the human body is excessive and has little or no synchronized production of the hormone or hormones that are necessary to regulate bodily processes. How do hormones affect fertility? Hormones play an important […]

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Green tea in ivf pregnancy

Green tea in IVF

Camellia Sinensis is a source of tea; the most common drink in the world. Green tea is unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis. History of the 10th century BC talks about the human user of tea because of its great medicinal value. It is supported by several research findings that tea has an effect on the […]

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Pregnancy gaping

Keeping gap between pregnancies

Pregnancy gap is an important part of family planning. Understand how important the gap between pregnancies is and what factors need to be considered before you get pregnant again. Why is family planning important? Knowing whether or not you want to have children in the coming years can help you and your partner prepare for […]

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Male infertility

What if male partner is infertile?

Evidence supported that sperm quality declination in men is significant in the last decades. Parental age and sperm quality are two influencing malefactors that interfere with both natural conceiving and IVF success. IVF is an assisted reproductive technology used as a therapeutic solution for couples who are facing difficulty to conceive normally. The sperm parameters […]

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What if frozen egg destroyed

What if frozen oocytes get destroyed?

Cryopreservation, often called freezing, is a process in which cells are suspended in a solution of salts and a mixture of organic compounds called cryoprotectants, substances known to protect against frost damage, cooled to a very low sub-zero temperature (typically -196 ° C). C). in liquid nitrogen), stored for a while, then heated and regenerated […]

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Travelling donor or frozen eggs

Travelling egg donor or frozen egg important

Traveling of the egg donor is necessary in case of fresh egg donation preference. The traditional belief supported that the fresh egg donation cycle gives the highest pregnancy rate in assisted reproductive technology. But recent scientific review report changes this view. In 2013, a literature review published in Fertility and Sterility journal compared the efficacy […]

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How to choose an egg donor profile?

One of the less discussed questions on egg donation service is - how people recruit potential egg donors and the detailed process of selecting an egg donor, though researchers have provided other details of the egg donation process. The recruitment of egg donors is a global challenge. Egg donation agencies, IVF clinics of developed countries […]

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