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LGBT parenting

Surrogacy for LGBTs

Many LGBTs community wants to expand their family by taking the opportunity of the surrogacy process. Mostly surrogacy process is similar for LGBTs with limited accounts that need to be considering for them. Surrogacy laws for LGBTs Every country has its surrogacy laws to regulate the process. Some countries even some US states prohibited surrogacy […]

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Surrogacy with egg donation

Some couples who cannot get help from in-vitro-fertilization may require donor eggs to achieve parenthood. But some cases, donor eggs, and donor embryos cannot even help them to become conceive successfully. In such cases, surrogacy is the last option for them to start their family. Surrogacy is an infertility treatment arrangement in which a woman […]

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someone’s preserved eggs

Can I use someone’s preserved eggs as a donor?

An egg donor donates her eggs to an infertile woman to fertilize with the male partner of the intended mother to create good quality embryos for transferring into the intended mother’s uterus for optimal growth. Following are the indications for the requirement of egg donation: The intended mother’s age is more than 40 years with […]

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What if egg donation fails?

What if egg donation fails?

The Discovery and implementation of egg donation are magical moves in reproductive medical technology. Repeated unsuccessful IVF cycle failure by using the intended mother’s egg can be solved by opting for egg donation. Egg donation also gives the scope to enjoy motherhood for those who are suffering from genetic diseases. Despite many pros of egg […]

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egg donor

Egg donation procedure: Step by step

Egg donation is a systematic medical procedure conducted in an egg donation center under the medical and legal supervision for completing the process efficiently and ethically. Application for egg donation Every egg donation center has its own application form, which may be available online or on the specific center. The applicant needs to fill up […]

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IVF vs surrogacy

IVF vs Surrogacy 

Worldwide infertility is a very common problem. Almost 7.8 million females around the globe are facing difficulty conceiving naturally. IVF and surrogacy are two very promising assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) which assist to have a biologically related child. But inadequate information about these medical processes often creates confusion between IVF and surrogacy. Infertile couples who […]

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three parent ivf 2021

What is the current status of the three-parent IVF?  

Three-parent IVF is the assisted reproductive technology in which genetic material of one male and two females used for generating human offspring. Mitochondrial manipulation technologies are specifically used in three-person in-vitro fertilization. The three-parent IVF process aims to replace or reduce the DNA mutation effects in mitochondria to overcome infertility or prevent the potentially debilitating […]

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IVF restrictions

Are there any restrictions in the IVF?

Aging is an inevitable biological process, though much cosmetic surgery may limit the signs of aging. Even aging cannot stop people to live a healthier, longer, and productive life as they believe ‘you are as young as you feel’. But declining fertility with aging is one of the few unavoidable physiological processes. Both females and […]

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