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Become surrogate | choosing a Surrogacy Agency

Things to consider before choosing a Surrogacy Agency in 2018

Before making the final decision of becoming a parent through surrogacy, it is better to know about some important things. The first and most important concern is to decide to continue the process in a nation where surrogacy is legal and you are getting the name of the kid immediately after the birth of the […]

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Surrogate mother (pregnant); Surrogacy success rate

Surrogacy success rate explained

Greeks, Romans, and Chinese ancient history already depicted the successful incorporation of surrogacy to settle the family for infertile couples. Therefore, the success story of surrogacy is not a new thing to discuss. But it is necessary to mention that the acceptance of surrogacy gradually increasing day by day in our modern society. Vast physiological […]

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Artificial Insemination introduction

What is Artificial Insemination?

Artificial insemination, a simple procedure of increasing the chances of pregnancy, is helpful for couples with infertility problem or they haven’t been able to get pregnant naturally. The process is simple as it starts with inserting sperm directly into a woman's cervix, fallopian tubes or uterus. Intrauterine insemination or IUI is the most common method […]

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How to Find a Sperm or an Egg Donor?

Creating a bond between Egg donor and the intended couple is a unique part of egg donation process. Egg donation is also known as a partnership created for a specific purpose that is to deliver a healthy and beautiful baby. In order to achieve that proper screening and medical testing is done by experts of […]

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New born bay with smiling mother: img A Medical Advice: Parenthood at early days or after 40

A Medical Advice: Parenthood at early days or after 40

Age is always a considerable factor for being a parent. Significant physical and mental transition is started after family planning and it continues even after a childbirth. According to Dr. Tony Falconer, the president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists suggestion the best age to conceive a baby is 20 to 35 years […]

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successful pregnancy with ICSI

Does ICSI Increase Chances of Pregnancy

For those who are dependent on IVF or other procedures of carrying a pregnancy, ICSI is the best alternative to increase the chances of pregnancy. ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is counted as equivalent to In-Vitro Fertilization. It starts with combining egg and sperms – collected from intended parents or partners to form an embryo. […]

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Why intended parents look for database of egg donors?

The novel understanding of egg donation has given a new ray of desire to many childless partners all over the world. Being a childless couple is equivalent to the home without a heart. Through egg donation program, a young woman donor gives her healthier and fertile egg to an infertile couple that wishes to build […]

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