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Food and egg quality

Do certain foods may help in egg quality in a woman? 

Ovulation is the physiological process of a woman's reproductive system. Matured egg/s is released from ovaries during ovulation. Proper diet plan with certain food inclusion in daily diet during trying to get pregnant through natural conception or IVF process evidentially improve egg quality and even the enlisted food also helpful for an egg donor. It […]

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Egg donation medication

Medication used during Egg donation

Only one egg is usually matured during the normal ovulation process in women. The egg donation process is an integral part of in-vitro-fertilization (IVF) treatment. The goal of using an egg donor in IVF treatment is to produce multiple mature eggs to increase the possibility of creating at least one healthy embryo.  An egg donor […]

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Fertility and green vegetables

Green vegetables and reproductive health

The different bioactive compounds are present in green vegetables like vitamins, essential elements, dietary fibers, botanic proteins, and phytochemicals. These components of vegetables prevent many metabolic disorders like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, dyslipidemia, etc. As they have anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-platelet properties and can regulate blood glucose, lipid profile, and blood pressure; and thus prevent myocardial […]

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IVF restrictions

Are there any restrictions in the IVF?

Aging is an inevitable biological process, though much cosmetic surgery may limit the signs of aging. Even aging cannot stop people to live a healthier, longer, and productive life as they believe ‘you are as young as you feel’. But declining fertility with aging is one of the few unavoidable physiological processes. Both females and […]

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ivf 2021

IVF 2021?

The global IVF market becomes hefty. A report published in 2021 has reported that the market value of global IVF will reach USD 36.39 billion and the compound Annual growth Rate reach 10.1% by 2026. This data can help to understand how the IVF sector is growing as the global market value of the IVF […]

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Egg donation mindset

What is the mindset before egg donation selection?

Egg donation is utilized by infertile hetero couples when the female partner can't deliver great quality eggs herself. It is likewise progressively utilized by male couples and single men to accomplish parenthood: the egg donor gives the egg, which is fertilized with the intended father's sperm utilizing IVF and the subsequent undeveloped organism is gestated […]

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Egg donation immunity

Egg quality and mental health

In our day-to-day life, stress is a common condition. But people who experience stress repeatedly over a long period may develop health problems. The busy schedule of life or some unusual events like trauma and illness of an individual or family member of can generate stress. Psychological stress generates under mental, physical, or emotional pressure. […]

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Immunity and fertility

Fertility problems and immunity

Overview Nowadays most of us confront one of the most commonly used word "immunity" which is our body's defense mechanism to fight infection, but how immunity is developed? or why does somebody have more immune power than others? - these are the questions that often arise. Lets us discuss the fundamentals related to our immunity […]

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