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Egg quality and fertility

Egg quality and fertility

Family planning success depends upon many physiological aspects of both partners. But we cannot deny, the role of the female partner is much more than male. A strong reproductive system of a woman is of utmost need to pursue gestation. But egg quality is the foremost important requirement to precede fertilization and the generation of […]

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egg donation

How does egg donation work?

Egg donation is the process in which fertile women at their reproductive age donate their viable egg to another woman who has infertility issues due to egg crisis (the female gamete) necessary for creating an embryo through fertilization with sperm. Since 1984, after the first birth had attained through the egg donation process, over 50,000 […]

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Egg donation and society?

It is assessed that around 70 million couples overall experience barrenness and that, of these, approximately 40 million looks for fruitfulness treatment. Egg donation is utilized by infertile hetero couples when the female partner can't deliver great quality eggs herself. It is likewise progressively utilized by male couples and single men to accomplish parenthood: the […]

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IVF and Surrogacy alternative IVF and Surrogacy alternative

What if IVF and Surrogacy don’t work? 

If a woman is unable to conceive naturally, the most recommended treatment option is IVF. But several incidences reported that failure of IVF at the first attempt. But usually, doctors recommended for repetition of the IVF cycle. But usually, after a second attempt failure requires extra caution. It is suggested that the patient needs to […]

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covid egg donation

How does COVID affected egg donation?

An unprecedented situation has been created due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The worldwide healthcare system is facing major challenges. The whole social and economic framework of our societies is tremendously impacted. In India, National Lockdown was started on 23rd March to restrict the spreading of infection. This year, different states have declared complete or partial […]

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Egg donation and safety

Do Egg Donation is Safe?

The treatment of egg donation is quite similar to IVF treatment. In 1980, the first baby was born through IVF by utilizing the egg donation process. Since then, thousands of children take born in the same way each year. In the egg donation process, the egg donor needs to sign a consent form that mentions […]

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Egg donation alternative happy mother

Is there any Egg donation alternative?

Egg donation is an assisted reproductive technology that helps in conceiving in women who have ovulation disorder. But in some cases, egg donation is not a very effective method to treat the condition. In such cases, some alternatives of egg donation require to solve such issues. Mitochondrial degeneration decreases the scope of conceiving. In this […]

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Egg donation ethics

Egg donation ethics

Ethical egg donation raises four basic questions in terms of autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence. These four essential ethical considerations need to consider avoiding conflicts of interest by infertility experts, egg donor recruitment agencies, donors, medical ethicists, patients, and health insurers at the time of evaluating policies about egg donation. Autonomy A common ethical concern is […]

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egg donation history

History of egg donation

In Australia, egg donation gave the first pregnancy results in 1983. In the same year, egg donation successfully transferred in the USA and resultant of that provided successful birth of a child on 3rd February 1984 in Southern California. In the initial days, many individuals had presumed that egg donation was the alternative to sperm […]

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