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egg donation preparations

What are the preparations required for receiving egg donation?

Finding of any abnormality after testing all the necessary biomarkers require for normal conceiving, which cannot be rectified by available treatment measures, then an expert OB-GYN (obstetrician-gynecologist) can refer an infertile female for proceeding with donor egg and/or surrogacy to build their family. But before starting the clinical procedure, a certain time requires to complete […]

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healthy pregnancy weight

How to gain healthy pregnancy weight?

Health and fashion-conscious women are very much concerned about their body weight. But gaining weight is well accepted for every woman during pregnancy. But pregnancy should not be an excuse to eat junk food and put on unnecessary weight, which creates complications in pregnancy. Healthy weight gain during pregnancy not only help the optimal growth […]

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ivf success calculator: pregnant lady

IVF Success Estimator

The estimation of the success rate of different infertility treatments is very important for continuing those therapeutic measures. Internet service extension increases the awareness of the patients. Infertile couples have taken information about the different treatment options and also raise their awareness about the success rate of available treatments. IVF is one of the most […]

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fertility doctor cross border

Responsibilities of departure country physicians in case of cross-border fertility tourism

The patient usually consults with several sources to obtain information about the clinical set-up, ethical and social circumstances of the destination country before departure from the home country for fertility treatment. When patient obtains guidance from their physicians to whom they discuss their fertility issues about the selection of the destination countries will be beneficial […]

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couple: pic DES exposure causes infertility

Can DES exposure cause male and female infertility?

DES is an abbreviation used for Diethylstilbestrol. This is a synthetic hormonal therapeutic agent contains non-steroidal estrogen. In 1938, this chemical substance was first introduced. After 1948, DES was used for improving pregnancy outcome, as it had claimed that treatment with DES could increase the production of placental steroidal hormones. But this concept is wrong, […]

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Fresh versus frozen: Pregnant lady

Fresh versus frozen: Optimal euploid embryo transfer strategy in IVF

Previously aneuploidy embryo transfer was one of the leading causes of IVF cycle failure due to unsuccessful implantation. Raising of maternal age has a direct link with the increasing rate of embryonic aneuploidy. But IVF technology advancement is continuous which introduces different advanced expertise like extended embryo culture, vitrification and trophectoderm biopsy. Moreover, IVF collaborates […]

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ART complications

ART complications

ART or assisted reproductive technology is a reproductive medical advancement has applied successfully to treat millions of infertile couple. Like other medical treatment procedures, ART also has some complications along with additional legal ethical and social challenges. The following are some common complications associated with ART. Multiple pregnancies Approximately 40% of babies born through ART […]

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