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Surrogacy in United States

The fertility clinics in the United States are recognized as the best service providers across the globe. The healthcare team working in different surrogacy clinics in the USA has years of experience in this service. The world-class infrastructure of the USA surrogacy centers can provide advanced medical treatment. According to the World Health Organization ranking, […]

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Choosing a surrogacy clinic

How to choose a surrogacy clinic?

Surrogacy is a complex process that involves IVF treatment along with that the created embryo through IVF is transferred into the surrogate mother’s womb instead of the intended mother. surrogacy clinics play multiple roles in this process. Like, hiring a surrogate mother and performing all the essential medical procedures, follow-up visits, and relinquishing the child/children […]

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Emotional reality of using donor eggs

Medical technological advancement made possible to a child born through egg donation procedure. The first practical implementation happened in 1984. Since then using donor egg is increasing due to a higher prevalence rate of fertility problems. Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) data specified that yearly egg donor cycles have reached to almost 18,000, which […]

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ivf fears

Fears of IVF and Egg donation 

Both the IVF and Egg donation related fear is not new. But it is necessary to know about these fears before making the decision. IVF treatment related fears Phobia of injection The IVF treatment process requires to push many injections. Those who have needle scare; face difficulty in the whole treatment process. But the invention […]

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Who can opt for surrogacy in Georgia?

Surrogacy is a legal process in Georgia, though many countries including the USA have many legal complications. There is no surrogacy law in Georgia, but the efficient legal process followed in Georgia proficiently regulates surrogacy. Georgian law declared that the surrogate mother does not have any right over the delivered child. Georgian law allows surrogacy […]

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Three parent IVF

Success rate of three parent IVF

In 2015, the UK had approved three parents IVF only for couples with a higher risk to have a baby with a serious mitochondrial disease. In the same year, the USA had banned mitochondrial replacement therapy because genetic modification affects the upcoming generation. However, Greece also moves ahead with the procedure. A Spanish company performed […]

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egg donation cost factors

Egg donation cost depends on what factors?

Egg donation is the process of missing links for couples or singles parents who are unable to build up their family on their own. In the egg donation process, a woman donates her eggs for fertility treatment of other infertile women. Eggs collected from egg donors use to fertilize in a laboratory with sperm from […]

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How egg shipping works?

How egg shipping works?

Sperm banks are older practice than egg banks. In western countries like the USA, egg freezing is not an experimental endeavor after 2012 as an announcement made by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Currently, many egg banks provide the facility to freeze the surplus eggs from the intended mother or egg donor for future […]

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