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Who can opt for surrogacy in Georgia?

Surrogacy is a legal process in Georgia, though many countries including the USA have many legal complications. There is no surrogacy law in Georgia, but the efficient legal process followed in Georgia proficiently regulates surrogacy. Georgian law declared that the surrogate mother does not have any right over the delivered child. Georgian law allows surrogacy […]

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Three parent IVF

Success rate of three parent IVF

In 2015, the UK had approved three parents IVF only for couples with a higher risk to have a baby with a serious mitochondrial disease. In the same year, the USA had banned mitochondrial replacement therapy because genetic modification affects the upcoming generation. However, Greece also moves ahead with the procedure. A Spanish company performed […]

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egg donation cost factors

Egg donation cost depends on what factors?

Egg donation is the process of missing links for couples or singles parents who are unable to build up their family on their own. In the egg donation process, a woman donates her eggs for fertility treatment of other infertile women. Eggs collected from egg donors use to fertilize in a laboratory with sperm from […]

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How egg shipping works?

How egg shipping works?

Sperm banks are older practice than egg banks. In western countries like the USA, egg freezing is not an experimental endeavor after 2012 as an announcement made by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Currently, many egg banks provide the facility to freeze the surplus eggs from the intended mother or egg donor for future […]

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egg donation

How does egg donation work?

Egg donation is the process in which fertile women at their reproductive age donate their viable egg to another woman who has infertility issues due to egg crisis (the female gamete) necessary for creating an embryo through fertilization with sperm. Since 1984, after the first birth had attained through the egg donation process, over 50,000 […]

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Egg donation and society?

It is assessed that around 70 million couples overall experience barrenness and that, of these, approximately 40 million looks for fruitfulness treatment. Egg donation is utilized by infertile hetero couples when the female partner can't deliver great quality eggs herself. It is likewise progressively utilized by male couples and single men to accomplish parenthood: the […]

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IVF and Surrogacy alternative IVF and Surrogacy alternative

What if IVF and Surrogacy don’t work? 

If a woman is unable to conceive naturally, the most recommended treatment option is IVF. But several incidences reported that failure of IVF at the first attempt. But usually, doctors recommended for repetition of the IVF cycle. But usually, after a second attempt failure requires extra caution. It is suggested that the patient needs to […]

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covid egg donation

How does COVID affected egg donation?

An unprecedented situation has been created due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The worldwide healthcare system is facing major challenges. The whole social and economic framework of our societies is tremendously impacted. In India, National Lockdown was started on 23rd March to restrict the spreading of infection. This year, different states have declared complete or partial […]

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