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What is donor matching?

What is donor matching?

Donor matching is an absolute requirement for any organ donation process to treat organ failure of a critically ill patient. But in this article, we will consider the donor matching process for infertility treatment. Intended parents who seek either egg or sperm donor or both are looking for some commonalities between them and the donor. […]

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Different Medical complications and fertility

Fertility treatments are effective in many cases and help to achieve pregnancy. But it is always better to know the possible complications to avoid medical emergencies or unwanted events. Some mild side effects associated with fertility medicines include headache, bloating, stomach upset, breast tenderness, mood swings, and hot flashes. Apart from these, conceiving multiple pregnancies […]

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diabetes  and IVF

IVF and Sugar levels

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproductive technology and is often recommended for infertile patients. Every year almost half a million babies are born across the globe by using IVF techniques, though this technique increases pregnancy risk and birth complications. A Greece research team claimed that one of the noticeable complications in achieving pregnancy through […]

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Egg donation after c Section

Can you donate eggs after the c section?

Egg donation is a highly regulated part of fertility treatments. It has some dos and don'ts. Nowadays, cesarean delivery is common and women often have a common question that does they donate their eggs after C-section. C-section or cesarean section is the surgical delivery of a baby. It involves one incision in the mother’s abdomen […]

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Egg quality and lifestyle of a woman?

Maintaining egg quality with increasing age is challenging due to the biological clock after 35 years of age decline it naturally. In 1975, only 5% of females got pregnant after 30 years of their age and currently, more than 26% of pregnancy occurs after 30 years of her age. The quality of the egg is […]

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The complications in a lady lead to egg donation

The complications in a lady lead to egg donation?

Egg donation is done by a lady usually not facing any long-term complications. However, some short-term risks and related complications are often common in a lady who donates her eggs. It is always better to know the egg donation-associated complications before starting the procedure to avoid drastically impact on the physical and mental health of […]

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Egg donation awareness in India

Egg donation awareness in India

India becomes a popular fertility treatment destination. But it is necessary to evaluate the awareness of egg donation among the population of this country. Infertile heterosexual couples often use egg donation services because female partners unable to produce sufficient healthy eggs for conceiving.  Currently, gay couples and single men also seek for egg donation service […]

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LGBT parenting

Surrogacy for LGBTs

Many LGBTs community wants to expand their family by taking the opportunity of the surrogacy process. Mostly surrogacy process is similar for LGBTs with limited accounts that need to be considering for them. Surrogacy laws for LGBTs Every country has its surrogacy laws to regulate the process. Some countries even some US states prohibited surrogacy […]

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Surrogacy with egg donation

Some couples who cannot get help from in-vitro-fertilization may require donor eggs to achieve parenthood. But some cases, donor eggs, and donor embryos cannot even help them to become conceive successfully. In such cases, surrogacy is the last option for them to start their family. Surrogacy is an infertility treatment arrangement in which a woman […]

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