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covid-19 and egg shipping

Egg Shipping and Covid-19

Egg recipients who have pre-plan fertility treatment they may face problem during COVID-19 due to shipment of egg is not as smooth as prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Egg banks need to be very much specific about the case by case shipping. A strong communication requires between the clinic and egg bank to decide the […]

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Egg donation while retaining DNA

Is there a procedure to have own DNA even seeking for egg donation?

Our genes are the determinants of inheritance appearance, but hereditary specificities are complex. Inherited physical traits are not restricted to physical parameters like hair and eye color, blood group, Rh factor, but IQ level, talents, personality also depends on inherited genetic structure. In the egg donation process, three people (egg donor, egg recipient, and egg […]

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pregnancy impact mother's brain

How does pregnancy impact mother’s brain?

Embryo implantation in the womb brings gradual changes in the female body along with mental health alterations like mood swings, fatigue, the feeling of vomiting. All these apparent changes not only indicates physical changes but also changes in the brain. During pregnancy woman's body acts as a host and accepts the huge adaptations require to […]

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egg donation for designer baby

Can a couple opt for egg donation while they are fertile?

A couple usually opts for egg donation when repeated IVF cycle failed and the doctor has expected it occurs due to poor egg quality or insufficient egg quantity. Women having ovulation related issues like a premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, endometriosis, or other unexplained reasons usually need the assistance of egg donation services. But […]

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gay father surrogacy baby orign: walking sunset

Children’s origins in a gay father surrogacy family

Relationships with surrogates and egg donors and parental disclosure for a gay father Gay men opt for surrogacy to build their families. In surrogacy, women carry the offspring for the intended parents who cannot bear their child may due to infertility or a single parent or homosexual (gay). The relatively low technological procedure involves in […]

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Food habits to improve egg quality

Food habits to improve egg quality

Family planning success depends upon many physiological aspects of both the partners. But we cannot deny, the role of the female partner is much more than male. A strong reproductive system of a woman is of utmost need to pursue the gestation. But egg quality is the foremost important requirement to proceed fertilization and generation […]

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ivf and egg donation myths

Myth and Reality about IVF and Egg donation

'Behind every myth lies truth' - is a very common proverb. Misconception develops by believing myths without searching for the truth. IVF and egg donations are not the latest inventions in medical science. But myths about these technologies which had started at the time of invention remain. These can cause an obstacle of acceptance among […]

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