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Egg banking for future

Egg Banking

Egg banking plays a vital role in infertility treatment. It helps to address the assisted reproductive technologies (ART), especially in the IVF process. Through egg banking facility, women can bank their eggs for future use and late conception. Previously, egg banking was only restricted for medical practices, but recently non-medical egg banking has also got […]

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Egg donation services by Caucasian donors - hand image

Egg donation services by Caucasian donors

Religious moral is one of the integrated part in Assistive Reproductive Technology (ART). It has found that the racial factor provides a critical impact in the egg donation services. A survey based research findings showed that among 95 egg donor profiles only 11 colored women were included in an egg donation service center. This study […]

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Egg Donation Process illustration

Pregnancy through Egg Donation for Healthy and Beautiful Baby

Infertility is a major concern drawing the attention of healthcare professional to discuss it and find new ways to help intended parents to become a proud parent. There are various reasons behind it like genetic diseases, health complications, and various other issues. We will discuss the Egg Donation process (frozen/donor) as an option to infertility […]

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Find a Suitable Donor with the Help of an Egg Donation Database

Egg donation helps couples who want to have children but have difficulty conceiving. Usually, the woman's ovaries do not produce enough healthy eggs to become pregnant, thus she uses donated eggs. Healthy young women in their 20s donate their ovum to help a couple conceive through IVF or surrogacy. What are the Qualifications for Egg […]

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What are the Complications that a Surrogate Mother Face?

Are you one of those couples who are trying to have a baby for a really long period of time and are failing consistently? Are you too considering surrogacy? It should be considered that before venturing into any surrogacy clinic or procedure, you must have complete information on what are the procedures, costs, treatment, and […]

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How Does Egg Donation Process Work?

Egg donation is a process in which eggs of fertile women is donated to another woman, who is facing a complication in conceiving a child. This process is a part of ART that is assisted reproductive technology. Eggs donated by egg donors are placed for fertilization in a lab. After that embryo formed, it is […]

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Things To Be Focus While Choosing An Egg Donor

If a woman is infertile or suffers from any genetic disease than the only option remains for a woman for conceiving a child is by selecting an appropriate Egg Donor. When a couple is advised for egg donation program, suddenly several thoughts go through their mind like where to find an egg donor? How will […]

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