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IVF restrictions

Are there any restrictions in the IVF?

Aging is an inevitable biological process, though much cosmetic surgery may limit the signs of aging. Even aging cannot stop people to live a healthier, longer, and productive life as they believe ‘you are as young as you feel’. But declining fertility with aging is one of the few unavoidable physiological processes. Both females and […]

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ivf 2021

IVF 2021?

The global IVF market becomes hefty. A report published in 2021 has reported that the market value of global IVF will reach USD 36.39 billion and the compound Annual growth Rate reach 10.1% by 2026. This data can help to understand how the IVF sector is growing as the global market value of the IVF […]

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Egg donation mindset

What is the mindset before egg donation selection?

Egg donation is utilized by infertile hetero couples when the female partner can't deliver great quality eggs herself. It is likewise progressively utilized by male couples and single men to accomplish parenthood: the egg donor gives the egg, which is fertilized with the intended father's sperm utilizing IVF and the subsequent undeveloped organism is gestated […]

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Egg donation immunity

Egg quality and mental health

In our day-to-day life, stress is a common condition. But people who experience stress repeatedly over a long period may develop health problems. The busy schedule of life or some unusual events like trauma and illness of an individual or family member of can generate stress. Psychological stress generates under mental, physical, or emotional pressure. […]

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Immunity and fertility

Fertility problems and immunity

Overview Nowadays most of us confront one of the most commonly used word "immunity" which is our body's defense mechanism to fight infection, but how immunity is developed? or why does somebody have more immune power than others? - these are the questions that often arise. Lets us discuss the fundamentals related to our immunity […]

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Surrogacy in United States

The fertility clinics in the United States are recognized as the best service providers across the globe. The healthcare team working in different surrogacy clinics in the USA has years of experience in this service. The world-class infrastructure of the USA surrogacy centers can provide advanced medical treatment. According to the World Health Organization ranking, […]

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Choosing a surrogacy clinic

How to choose a surrogacy clinic?

Surrogacy is a complex process that involves IVF treatment along with that the created embryo through IVF is transferred into the surrogate mother’s womb instead of the intended mother. surrogacy clinics play multiple roles in this process. Like, hiring a surrogate mother and performing all the essential medical procedures, follow-up visits, and relinquishing the child/children […]

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Emotional reality of using donor eggs

Medical technological advancement made possible to a child born through egg donation procedure. The first practical implementation happened in 1984. Since then using donor egg is increasing due to a higher prevalence rate of fertility problems. Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) data specified that yearly egg donor cycles have reached to almost 18,000, which […]

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ivf fears

Fears of IVF and Egg donation 

Both the IVF and Egg donation related fear is not new. But it is necessary to know about these fears before making the decision. IVF treatment related fears Phobia of injection The IVF treatment process requires to push many injections. Those who have needle scare; face difficulty in the whole treatment process. But the invention […]

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