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Healthy pregnant lady with flowers, pic for foods to avoid

Why processed foods should be avoided during pregnancy?

The consumption rate of processed food items is increasing due to their ready to eat competence with enhancing taste satisfy our craving in our busy lifestyle. But during processing, many foods lost their nutritional value. Additional fat and food preservatives cause many chronic disease conditions. Recent days, many children diagnosed with autism, which is a […]

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embryo selection for success ivf via AI

Optimum embryo selection in IVF for artificial intelligence

The rate of infertility problem increases and it has found that 8% of women experienced fertility problem in their childbearing age. IVF advancement seems like a god gift for such cases and millions of women giving birth by opting IVF technique. In the usual IVF process, More than one embryo is transferred to the womb […]

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Pic. growing plant in hand for Climatic influence in human fertility

Climatic influence in human fertility

Climatic condition alters due to global warming causes heat stress. Recently researchers examined how different temperatures have their own impact on the reproductive behavior and fertility by conducting a series of animal tests. This study finding supported that heat stress developed due to climatic changes is one of the causes of reduced sperm production and […]

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Is performing enhancement drugs impair fertility?

'The compel to win is violent' - this experience is common with serious athletes. Winning the competition is not only provide personal satisfaction, but the fame of winners aggravate them to repeat the actions. In this circumstance, the administration of performance-enhancing steroid become common among teenagers. But not only athletes but general teens use these […]

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Can Womb Transplant Leads to Successful Childbirth

A rare genetic disorder named as  Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome affects one in 4,500 women. The characteristic feature of this genetic condition is the underdeveloped or congenital absence of vagina and uterus, although the externally genital organ looks normal and ovaries produce eggs. In such condition, uterus transplantation is the only way to conceive a child. In […]

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Things To Be Focused While Choosing An Egg Donor

If a woman is infertile or suffers from any genetic disease than the only option remains for a woman for conceiving a child is by selecting an appropriate Egg Donor. When a couple is advised for egg donation program, suddenly several thoughts go through their mind like where to find an egg donor? How will […]

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How Egg Donation Works?

The reproductive technology is worthless without donors, be it egg or sperm. When a woman donates her eggs for research in the field of biomedical or for assisted reproduction, it is known as egg donation. When these eggs are collected for assisted reproduction, the specimen is used for in-vitro fertilization or IVF. To know about […]

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