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Advancements of reproductive technology

Reproduction technological advancements allow reproduction without intercourse, an extension of reproductive age, and the creation of a designer baby. Continuous advancement in this field opens new doors for infertile couples to become biological parents. But upgrading the treatment process also raises ethical concerns. The development of scientific advancement is rapidly increasing. The technological improvement assists […]

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Sperm Quality in men

Dietary recommendation for sperm quality improvement

The World Health Organization recently estimated that 15% of the world population affected by infertility problems and become a global health issue. Although in the traditional thought process, women fertility problem is considered as a major underlying cause of difficulty in conceiving. However, male counterpart can be equally responsible for the same. Recent days, developing […]

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Olympus increases ICSI efficiency

The successful intervention of technological advancement is the backbone of assisted reproductive technology (ART). The Olympus IX73SC is one of the recent development in the technological field which claimed that the addition of this medical device in the ART technique can improve efficiency. The Olympus IX73SC is an inverted microscope system, which facilitates the intracytoplasmic […]

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Advantages of conducting surrogacy in Georgia

International infertile couple or person who desire to be a single parent often prefer to visit Georgia for opting commercial surrogacy. Since the past decade, international fertility tourism has grown remarkably. Intended parents from different countries visit Georgia due to poor surrogacy facility, and infrastructure or commercial surrogacy banning. Georgia is considered as a great […]

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genetic screening

Benefits of genetic screening

In the first trimester of pregnancy, genetic screening tests are conducted to access the genetic condition of the fetus and identify if any genetic disorder present. In between 10th to 13th week, genetic screening tests are performed to evaluate the mother's blood and ultrasound also conducted to check the genetic screening. In the second trimester […]

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ultrasound in pregnacy

Can Success Rate Of IVF/ICSI improve by opting Ultrasound?

Many women experienced heavy menstrual flow with severe menstrual cramp and lower abdominal pressure during menstruation cycle at their advanced age. They also have bloat before the menstrual cycle. All these symptoms may indicate the presence of adenomyosis. Early occurrence of the menstrual cycle, increasing age, multiparity,  obesity, medical history of uterine surgery are certain […]

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embryo transfer success tips. microscope

Tips for successful embryo transfer

Embryo transfer is the most crucial as well as difficult step in IVF treatment procedure.   Embryo transfer has a direct link to the success of fertility treatment. This is important to know what to do before, during, and after the embryo transfer to increase the chance of live birth. Following are some fact-based tips for […]

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infectious diseases negative impact pregnant lady

Which infectious diseases have negative impact on pregnancy?

The simple concept of a healthy pregnancy is - 'a healthy mother can give healthy childbirth'. During pregnancy, female physiology alters very fast and immunological changes also frequent. Infectious disease at an early stage of pregnancy is one of the causes of fetal birth defect.   Following are some of the infectious diseases harmful for pregnancy: […]

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Healthy pregnant lady with flowers, pic for foods to avoid

Why processed foods should be avoided during pregnancy?

The consumption rate of processed food items is increasing due to their ready to eat competence with enhancing taste satisfy our craving in our busy lifestyle. But during processing, many foods lost their nutritional value. Additional fat and food preservatives cause many chronic disease conditions. Recent days, many children diagnosed with autism, which is a […]

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