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The role of preventative antibiotics after Assisted Childbirth

The labor procedures including cesarean section and operative vaginal birth have increased risk of maternal infection. A different systematic review has proven the efficacy of prophylactic antibiotic to lessen the maternal infection in cesarean section. Therefore, the recommendation of prophylactic treatment with an antibiotic in case of cesarean section is clinically accepted.  But current WHO […]

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Male fertility preservation | All you need to know

Children's National Health System published a recent research report conducted by an academic medical center. This research result has concluded that male fertility preservation may be possible through cryopreservation of testicular tissue. This is hope for male patients who have undergone medical procedures which increase the risk of loss of fertility. Michael Hsieh, director of […]

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Postpartum hemorrhage and its prevention: Pic pregnant lady

Postpartum hemorrhage and its prevention

Almost 500 ml blood loss within 24 hours of child delivery is the clinical condition and termed as postpartum hemorrhage. In severe cases, the amount of blood loss exceeding 1000ml, which requires immediate medical attention. The untreated condition may cause maternal death. The multiple complications of postpartum hemorrhage include long-term disability, shock, and organ dysfunction. […]

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maternal vaccination

Knowledge of Maternal vaccination

Immunization plays an important role to control infection. Traditionally childhood vaccination focuses on prevention of common infectious diseases occurs in the early stage of life. However, still antenatal, postpartum, and neonatal death due to infectious disease attack is a global issue. It is well known that maternally-acquired antibodies have a protecting role against many infections […]

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Embryo adoption

Overview of Embryo Adoption

Embryo adoption gives the opportunity to adopt an unborn child. It sounds different from traditional infant adoption, but genetically unrelated embryo adoption is already established as a solution for an infertile couple. Advancement of reproductive medicine allows the adoptive mother to carry donated embryo in her womb for nine months to fetus development and after […]

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pregnancy and thyroid

Infertility can be associated with thyroid hormonal disorder

Thyroid hormone plays multiple vital roles in human physiology, which include basal metabolic rate enhancement, protein synthesis in the cellular structure, maturation of neural development and controlling long bone development. Thyroid hormonal function provides a significant impact on every human cellular development. Female reproductive health also depends upon thyroid hormone secretion.  It has been noticed […]

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Egg donation scope and medical factors

Medical factors and scope of egg donation

The invention of IVF is the basis of opening of the egg donation service. In IVF, the hormonal therapy is injected to hyperstimulate the ovaries and multiple eggs are removed, which then fertilize externally before uterine implantation. But, when hyperstimulation unable to stimulate ovary for certain women or insufficient egg retrieval or poor egg quality […]

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Egg donation faqs

Frequently Asked Questions related to Egg donation

Egg donation is an important element of fertility treatment through which women share her viable, good quality eggs to another infertile woman to assist her conceiving by opting assisted reproduction treatment.  Some frequently asked question related to egg donation are as follows: What is the eligibility criteria to donate egg? Most of the egg donation […]

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egg donation compensation contract

The ethical and legal challenges in Egg donation compensation

One of the common problem during the IVF cycle is insufficient eggs formation in the ovary of the intended mother. Experts often recommend for availing egg donation to pursue the IVF treatment. Therefore, IVF and egg donation is quite a common recommendation in the fertility treatment comes under ART. Some may think egg donation is […]

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